2 Aug 2013

Haven Quarterly Second Cap (Peril at the Disco)

Howdy people here's the second cap I told you about in the last post. I noticed from other authors blogs that sometimes It could be hard for the reader to actually fully enjoy the cap, because the text becomes a bit hard to read. Also noticed that some other captioners post the transcription directly in the post. So I'm gonna try that, and you tell me if you would like that in subsequent post or not.  Obviously I tend to do series, so I don't know if thats gonna work..

I know Bianca always works, I mean look at that she's the truly embodiment of Latex Fetish

Josh was having some fun with his friend Monique when he found about an 80’s disco ad on the Internet. Monique wasn’t so sure about the ad, it was like some potential porn ad, more than anything else, but Josh was already hooked on it. He was a sucker for Disco dancing. But Monique liked that part of him, even when he made a fool of himself in front of her at the prom. It was then that she decided that they should start dating even though Josh couldn’t really tell that they were.

Looking at more information about the new disco, Monique noticed a really sultry woman dressed in a latex uniform, and felt an instant mental orgasm. Did that woman look back at her? That was rather silly; it was just an image... right? In a sudden outburst, Monique groped Josh’s chest. Dazed by her touch, Josh just froze.

-“Josh I think we really need to visit that place”-
“But you said it was silly”-
-“Nah,  I think it will be fun! C’mon, I’ll do whatever you want if you go with me. It’s a date you silly!”-
-”but, but ummm...“-
Josh wasn’t really a smooth talker but his curiosity was piqued so he agreed to join her.

Like a dream there she was, that stunning woman clad in the same latex uniform smiling at the two of them. Josh couldn’t help becoming aroused by her scent.

-“Hey there gorgeous, welcome to Disco Peril, I know, I know, it’s a funny name but we are working on that *giggle* Say little boy, why don’t you hang  around the bar while I show your delicious girlfriend something really spectacular. We help our visitors live out their greatest fantasies, and I can see that your girl is keeping a really naughty, naughty secret *giggle* No, just teasing! Enjoy yourself!”-

Suddenly it was like Josh was on autopilot; following the tantalizing music he did as the woman suggested and went to the bar. There another woman in a similar latex uniform, held his cheeks for a moment and then with a wry smile told him what he’d be having to drink.

-“Hey ho! Little one, have you noticed your boyfriend’s bulge? Gosh you are a 100% wicked lady *giggle* I know a way to make you a super stunning woman like me. I also know that you have been staring at my boobs and wondering what they feel like. So take a photo it will last forever! *giggle*”-

The woman kept whispering naughty things in Monique’s ear. Each thought aroused her even more.

-“Say girl, don’t you want to be just like me, to make that little boy crave your touch, to beg for you like every step of yours was worth a 1 million dollars, every move you made on him would be like heaven or hell or both! I know the truth, girl. You don’t even need to tell me your name, you are so Monique, but we can make you more, we can make you Moanique *giggle* no just joking, but we can make you a seductress, a temptress, a mistress, a goddess. We will call you Temptra!”-
Monique’s eyes were following every bounce of the woman’s boobs like as they were two pendulums, and tried to… no, started to imitate every movement she made. She was already half undressed and touching her breasts without even noticing.

-“Moan for me Temptra, we can call you bitch and run but instead we are going to call you goddess. You know you want to be a bad, bad girl. You just need to offer us your boy there and then we will fulfill your wildest dreams! Just look at him drinking and staring at another woman’s boobies, doesn’t that make you mad? *giggle* Just place your hand on this ball and we will make you the most baddass bitch ever known! Oh, your boyfriend will be too, but you want to be in control of things, so accept my offer now. Otherwise, you will both be controlled *giggle*”-

Hours later, Temptra was holding her little bitch who was ready to be serviced. She couldn’t deny, after all, that she was happy about the choice she made. She didn’t know why, but she started to like Joshie much better this way, and Joshie was now more “receptive” to her attention. The little bitch was moaning and trembling at first. Then after some convincing she was ready to be the most luscious bitch in heat ever known. She also signed some papers agreeing to be the main attraction for VIPs who came to the disco. Although she knew they would most likely be “Joshie” types.

-“See Joshie, I knew we would have so much fun here, moan for me slut, crave my touch, and most importantly, await my “surprise”.  I think I’m going to be able to control that little thing better than you ever could, so boring, but mine is always so hard, so black and plastic too. It can also be so slick and moist from your damp pussy, but only if you are good... I mean.. my bad girl. Are we clear?”-

Joshie could only nod and wait for whatever her mistress had in mind for her. She was just too dazed after drinking so much. It was like a dream for her. Next time, she wouldn’t drink so much.


Anyway, I'm about to finish a long story I started to wrote a long time ago - I mean it - and probably will post if I have the time in the following days. I started - finally - a training course, which will led me to business practices first and If I'm luck I'll get a job - yeah, its kind of a dream talking about it - And all that while I study like mad 9 hours a day to be able to study what I have for university in September. How awesome is that?! More or less its becoming one of the reasons I'm having so little time, but at the same time put me in a roller coaster

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  1. Hi Alectra,

    That's a very perilous situation for Joshie. I think the additional text works for this story because of the black and white disco ball background of the main caption but usually I find the separate text distracting but it can be helpful to assist readability.

    Good luck with your studies.


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