27 Aug 2013

A recurrent dream (Story)

Howdy people, while today I'm overjoyed because I have finalized my training course - part of it, now comes the business practices - I decided to write a little story I wanted to write for so long. I also decided to make a full story and not a caption story, because I think with the ouh so many details I wanted to include there would be no space there without making it long - and it's long - For easy understanding I also included images to see if its gonna be liked or not. Also if you think there needs to be some proofreading say so and whats more if you also include the proofreaded story I'll be more than grateful!

First this story is written in the second person and also its an effort on bringing personal enjoyment for the one who reads it - and like it -while taking a chance at imagining this could be real (Of course not!)

This also a commendable effort in my part on portraying a dream I had during the past, with obvious roleplaying added elements that were not in the dream of course, to make it into a full story, but also being able to structure it. I know its weird, but then again I'm weird, so if you enjoy corruption, transformation (You don't?), dreams, submission, domination, and whatever wicked people like me think! Go ahead and read it! For easier reading the parts in red are the voices talking and the rest is the story.


Welcome to the halls of dreams - a hallowed voice coming from heavens above says to you - Let me be your guide in this god forsaken place and pay attention to every whim the creatures of that inhabit this place may impose on you. Question even the tiniest aspect of this land and perhaps you shall come out safe and sound from hereA map is shown to you with indications of some places you should avoid. Warning signs spread all over the map that shows the possibilities of a certain death or worse.

No matter what, you make note of it and promises the voice to not approach those places. Then so the voice proceeds to gift you with a special coat which ends bound to your body – Perhaps this will aid in my quest? – You wonder about it, but which is this quest that you are starting to think about. To wander the realms or find an escape to this dangerous world, such questionings stick to your head for a while till you encounter the most breathtaking place you have ever had the opportunity to witness.

You make a mental note out of it and remember this was one of the places that you should be avoiding but then… - Fear it not wanderer for you shall have arrived to a point where your true destiny shall be revealed! – A booming voice says to you, but this time sounds different from the previous. More commanding and authoritarian, that you start to think you will not be able to turn its demands down. – Shall I prevail if I disobey the previous voice? Shall I prevail if I obey to you? Answer me, voice from the deep halls of my imagination taking form into a half sunk cathedral in front of me. – With the best of your tones, trying to sound firm makes this query to the empty air, but fail to impress the nothingness of this empty place and no one redeems your cause by answering to your tribulations. Only an empty echo coming from the scenery cares to call you back with your own questions. The strong winds carry your voice through the long halls, and penetrate the building to form a powerful tone which sounds different to you. – Thou shall not question the will of a god, nor a goddess you can’t betray when the answer is already forged in your heart – A soft tone whistle carry this notice to you and the mountain crumbles with your indecision –

 Not knowing how you make your approach to the front sunken door and hesitate to even take a sight of it, but something is telling you to cross the border, besides the mountain obliges you to find shelter from its heinous tone. 
WAN-DER-ER CO-ME IN-SI-DE OR I SHALL CRUSH YOUR BO-NES – Not taking chances you make your way inside and suddenly the bond that made you felt safe with the previous presence breaks. Your coat disintegrates and you find yourself naked to the empty halls, in your imagination you start to hear soft giggles coming from every corner, but you cannot take notice from where they come from. It’s like this place is telling you where you should go as doors crumbles walls too and stairs suddenly breaks down onto the floor and this cracks, you find yourself like lost in a maze with no possibility of coming back and obliged to wander the place the way it likes it.

Once again perhaps is your imagination playing tricks on you but you come to a wide hall where people are standing still perhaps waiting for someone to rescue them, prisoners of this evil place, on a closer look they are no more but statues. – What sorcery is this? – You exclaim to the empty hall, waiting for an answer you know that shall not be responded back – Voice from the sky, where are thou? Shall you not come into my aid as promised? Shall I endure in penance the mistakes you warned my about? Weren’t you supposed to be protecting me from my own foolishness? – Nothing. Not a redeeming sound of comfort, not a single change or notice you are being heard. Nothing except the glow of a gauntlet you start to notice in the middle of the hall engraved to the stone.

This silver gauntlet looks sturdy and new. It could be the fabled treasure of one of the inhabitants of this place, the stone cold habitants of course. Taking a closer look at it and not wanting to disturb the eerie aura around him you poke the stone and find it hard to grasp. It seems this stone is unlikely to be a stone but perhaps something more, because it’s soft to the touch and bland. As you are taking note of every aspect of this gauntlet, your hand gets stuck to the stone and you try to pry to set it free, but this render useless your cause. There is nothing you can do about it as you watch in horror and imagine this could be the very thing that turned everyone into a stone figure. 
Fear it not valiant wanderer, for you shall not come across the same destiny as them. No you are more important than you think and you shall be spared if your intentions stay true to your actions, battle not and let the magic this gauntlet irradiates take a hold of your hand. Make this sacrifice and you shall break free from the spell that bounds you to the hollow stone. – As you take notice of the booming voice coming back at you, the same that ordered you to approach this place, you discover that the stone is indeed hollow. It’s not even full. The gauntlet itself is floating through a purple mist to your imprisoned hand. You stop fighting and your hand comes out with the gauntlet attached to your hand.

Now what comes next is that of a fairy tale, the gauntlet is no longer silver, nor is your hands the same. Touching your previously bound hand with the other makes a black goo run to it turning your ungloved hand into an exact copy. The black goo coming from the gauntlet are running now through your elbow and to your fingers, making your nails turn blue and your hands more femme like. The black goo turns the gauntlet into a suede material. 
A thought cross your mind telling you that is indeed arousing to you, but you try to fight this sentiment perils and rewards beyond your imaginations, what’s apparently a peril will turn into a reward and what seems like a reward could turn into a trap. Heed my word and follow my command, should you do as I say, no harm will be done to you. Fail to do so and the wrath of this place will haunt you down. Ask for my protection now and I’ll show how to tame your newly acquired gloves. – The voice commanding at times, caring in the middle and demanding but caring again in the end, invites you to follow its whims. And now this time, this voice sounded more femme but you couldn’t grasp at it. The wind coming across the hall makes it difficult for you to analyze it better. For what’s it important to you, you start to acknowledge the voice as feminine.
By this very thought the gloves seems to find your thoughts pleasant and more goo sprays onto your body. A fragment explodes in your naked body but the gloves seem unscathed. Now a fine long black knitted shawl surrounds your chest and you no longer feel the previous cold from being naked. – Acceptance will render in gifts to your body! Overcome your fear and show your true self my precious wanderer. – The booming voice comes back at you to comfort your previous worries. As the shawl accommodates in your body you notice further changes on it. Of your flat chest originates two large breasts and the goo takes notice of it and cringes and molds into your breasts areolas, turning into an X symbol over them. Touching them seems like stamps to you, but also a part of your own breasts. Now the shawl cringes too and attaches itself to your waist but also expands to your neck and to your nether region.

You couldn’t overcome the need to touch yourself down there and then the worst came to you, your member disappears and in its place you now have girly bits there. By touching yourself again your hands have changed and also your glove turning itself into the same leather material from your shawl-corset. But not only had that happened, your body also overcomes serious changes and while you were distracted by your boobs, your head changed. Your hair turned out longer and your lips became fuller. Shadowy eyelashes and soft mascara were part of your face too. – Oh my! What happened to me? – You said in an imperious voice – In a reflex movement you didn’t notice your hand reached to your legs too and they also ended transforming. 

The goo couldn’t stop at your upper part so down there it goes and molds into your feet. A stomping pair of boots form around it and you can notice the soft fabric once again attaching itself to your very own skin. However you are the one making the changes this time and think of belts running across your boots. You don’t know where this thought came from, but you start to take a liking to it. – Ah so I see my subject and vessel is ready to depart from this place. Come now my precious, up to the heavens where everything you ever wanted awaits you. Wait to witness the reborn of your flesh and accept the changes that you shall endure once again. You neither are far from complete nor even at the peak of perfection, half from that I would say. - Without a further note on it, your body is surrounded by a purple mist just like the one you saw at the beginning of your transformation. Blinded by its beauty you are forced to close your eyes and a sudden need to sleep makes you go to slumber. When you open your eyes, you are no longer in the empty hall but in front of a floating garden. By now you wouldn’t believe what you are seeing right now, but the previous events tell you that anything is possible in this realm.  

It’s nighttime but everything in this world makes no sense that time itself is advancing. So that’s unimportant to you. – Heed my call wanderer, what have you done? What did I told you first when I asked you to avoid at any cost this place? What’s inside your mind that I cannot see and touch? What shall be of you now that you decided to bond yourself with this world? – Queries and more queries strike to your head and even in your semi wake state you can remember that voice. It was the greeting voice, but no longer cheery like before. More sorrow and sadness paints its tone. And suddenly this voice comes from the halls of the floating garden. A woman wearing a white negligee advances to your position with empty eyes in her face. – Look at what you done. You have corrupted this world, you have corrupted me, no I’m forced to be here, and I have lost my rank amongst the deities. You surrendered to a demon, a half entity. Not even a full-fledged goddess of darkness, but I know why you have been brought here and I’ll try to warn you. Nevertheless I cannot do anything to stop you as your powerful condition reminds me of my place over you. I’m forced to kiss every step you do and be at your beck at call. You broke the bond between us, and this half entity decided to wreck it and twist it. You didn’t notice at first but she took my voice and corrupted it the more you approached the forbidden place. The truth is that we are separate entities and we are one as well. We are part of your conscience but I tried so hard to destroy her. I can see deep within you there was no desire to make this true. Inside there is one last step for you my… My mistress, to make yourself complete. Even now I’m trying to stop you but your thoughts are numbing me more than you will understand. It’s not you, it’s someone else at play, but you are her vessel and at the same time you are the want who want to do this. Please my mistress, stop now and I shall reward you with a life of submission and domination for you and this realm. You could be queen and that’s what going to happen. But you could be a goddess and that is what I want to happen. If you listen to me now this shall be truth. You aren’t lost yet, but I cannot do anything about the corruption your body has undergone.  – You are perfectly clear of what you want and kneel beside her only to make her stand above with you and grab her neck. From this movement a black rubber choke collar forms around her neck, from your hands into it white and black goo spread around her neck to make it be in a fixed position. Without an option to look away now, a sprinkle of the collar turns into a locked leash aperture and from it a purple leash comes out into your hand. From this bond, your thoughts become her thoughts and her as well yours.

Tickling her collar you make her advance in front of you opening the door into the revered place. And in the middle of the stance, an engraved crown awaits you. By now you can notice the fear in her eyes, she obviously didn’t want anyone to enter this place but those thoughts are quickly replaced with dirty and pleasurable thoughts by your command into her mind. 

Without further ado you place the fabled treasure over your head and you feel a tingling sensation all over your body. Everything around you changes, from head to toe your clothing changes into a black slick latex material and also coating your body permanently. You go further and imagine yourself with an appropriate makeup to your face as you know have deep control of your gloves power, but perhaps also the crown makes work of it. You are so basked in your corruption that you don’t notice the goo is playing tricks all over your body.

The goo goes on and on and your body quickly finds itself surrounded and bound to latex. A strange prison imposed by your own dirty thoughts. The crown melts in your face and coats its making you stare into a deep darkness.  You gasp in terror and numb to the advances of the goo, you find yourself masturbating to it. Trying to reach into your “inner sanctum” the goo denies you this pleasure and form a big black dildo that fits into your hole. Your latex prison makes you moan through the fabric and the goo correspond this by heating the costume it imagined for you. You try to fix this unending pleasure and remembering the bond between your slave and you, you try a last attempt at freeing yourself. You make her touch you and place her beneath you. When you are sure of it, you start to touch her in every region possible. She starts to moan and embraces you to increase her pleasure, but this is what you wanted and without a second moment to lose, you imagine yourself as part of the clothing. Slowly but surely you coat her bare skin and advances into every part of her body. Little by little you find yourself in her skin and with every tiny advance you notice her mind bonding with yours. You are no longer the fabric; you are now a part of her. You are her completely and without doubt. 

The goo recedes and becomes the clothing escaping your body from the inside to the outside and you start to feel like before again, only that you now control its movements. Finally you control the situation and when you are reaching the orgasm from the huge effort, you go to slumber again. Moments later you find yourself looking to a mirror and fully dressed in black latex with some improvements to your previous outfit. This outfit is not stuck in your flesh and you can notice that you are truly a woman now. There is no more magic at work and you can see your reflection looking back at you with a wicked smile. Whatever happened today or yesterday or during weeks, you are now a woman. You are not sure how much has passed since you went to sleep and found yourself in that mysterious world, but you don’t care. Hard to say why this television you are sitting on doesn’t work either. You remember watching a movie before going to sleep but nothing else.

Perhaps one day you will remember, but it’s unlikely this will change the situation you are in now. Not like you care about it. What you do care now is the sudden need to trap more people in that fantasy world or make one of your own. You want to rule it all. You don’t care at what cost but right now what you really want is to have someone kneeling in front of you or maybe kneeling yourself in front of somebody else. – Weird why did I thought of the last in the first place?

The End?

Hopes you liked it if you reached it this far, and if you want me to make more stories like this I'll think of it in the future. Remember that the next post will take sometime yet and it will epic! - Every post is epic, you didn't notice that by now? *giggle* -

I'm also thinking of making an e-mail for fan queries, constructive criticism, loving and sharing guest captions. And of course none of what reaches there shall be posted if you don't want. This is just for those that are shy enough to not post a comment but that want to express themselves in anyway. If this idea is liked I'll create a fan e-mail in a couple of days. Note that any hating, flaming, RL queries not related to TG and this world of captioning shall be turned down. It can also work for questions on writing stories, or creating captions or whatever your mind is up to. I'm good with that.

Update: The Fan Mail is done now, you can start to send me whatever applies to the rules depicted there, any other thing while be ignored!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. i thought it was a great story, a brilliant first attempt. hopefully this is the first of many stories

    1. Thank you MsLara

      I do have another story, but this was a more fleshed out one after the previous "fiasco" writing the other one. I learned a lot from trying to write without the closure of captions and I really, really love that you liked. I'll take note of it!

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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