15 Aug 2011

Guest cap: Betty (Deeper into Darkness)

Hi gals, something will spark surely today, just bear it with me that the hot prevents me... yeah... blame on the sun "giggle". Damn you! (Raise a fist to the sky) Ok... Nevermind.

Today I bring you a cap from the lovely and thoughtful Betty.

Her stories are not something you normally see out there. For that she is special in her own way. Hope you enjoy this cap as much I enjoyed it ^-^

Really girls, given the name of the other guest cap, and now this one. I think we will end in a pretty obscure, dark and evil place. Wait. You are already on it "giggle"

Ouh and I forgot to plug you to Betty's site: Betty's Captions

Enjoy your stay in there as much you enjoy to come here, I guarantee your fun in there... Latex, Big Boobs, Blondies, Brunettes, Sandies, Ravens and with poetry filled caps for your viewing pleasure. Just beware big is not enough for Betty. You are advised on that.
P.S If anyone of you feel the need to please! heh heh heh or spoil me! or want to get their caps appearing here, let me know through by mail ^-^ (Strictly based to caps, TG and Fun, nothing else mmkay?) As always they to keep the spirit of the blog, but, know that you will get full credit of it.. ^-^


  1. I shall enjoy my new slave quite a lot. Thank you Betty "smooch"

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. such lovely fitting darkness too!

  3. Very nice...a heart of darkness. Love it!


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