11 Aug 2011

Summertime! (For Realfield)

Hi gals today I bring you more music into your lives ^-^

This one is for Realfield as I wanted to do something for him now that he reached 50 followers. And just because his blog is good enough to have much more followers than that already. So go pay a visit....

Wait! Read the cap first "giggle"

And now for the blog: Keeping it Real in the Field

Go make yourself a follower if you aren't yet; Worth your visit. Nuff said

For an added bonus:

And her blog: The Codex of Corruption

Today is quite hot given that at 23:42 PM it should be windy by now! ^-^

But I'll try to struggle a bit more. I promise!

More sexiness coming later "giggle"


  1. I love both these captions! Funny and hot, what a combo!

  2. Very cute and sexy too giggles.

  3. Thanks for all the kind words..and for giving Candy such huge ta ta's :-)

  4. congrats on 50 hun :) loved the caps too lol :P


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