9 Aug 2011

Time Paradox Trap (Request)

Hi gals today I bring you a long cap series dealing with time travel, this was a request someone asked me to do it, and I hope that person likes it at least... ^-^

Just before some jumps to conclusions on the theme and some of the themes of this cap...

It's highly inspired in how the Stein Gate machine works mixed with H.G. Wells time machine, there is a bit of reminescence to Dr. Who too, although there is not really a purpose to believe is solely based on those as I filled this one with lots of new ideas coming from my head, both Scientifically talking and Invented along the way...

Read it closely it took me four days to create and also sorry for the old style coming back, the images where not fit for the new one due to the size of them, but I tried to include some tricks to make it good visually speaking ^-^ 

So as you can see the end is open...

Just like in a divergency point you can take two paths:

A) Daria lose to Darkia's powers in the end
B) Daria absorbed the powers of the soul's gems and therefore Darkia shall prove not worthy of her newfounds powers.

Take the option you want ^-^


  1. wow i love time travel! loved the story i think i chose A lol

  2. Heh heh heh Sedra I think most of the gals will choose that one ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. A, Definitely A. *giggle* I liked the guardian of time with the empty eyes, nice stab at a time traveling tale. ^_^

  4. Wow. Epic time travel tale. What a great story you put together here, I love all the different elements. Ooooh, I can't decide what ending I'd like to see most. Darkia is pretty hawt and totally evil, mmmmmh I'm gonna have to go with A too. I love seeing the bad girl win!

    Great work as always!

  5. @ Jennifer and Evie

    You too? Heh heh heh

    Guess the B option is just for show!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Not promising anything over a huge story for the next one... I want to do some singles... Though I will come back with another long one, after that ^-^


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