26 Oct 2011

Spanish or English???!

So Hi gals today I've received good personal news and some bad online news...

Lets see the good news are that my grades are going on the right direction ^-^

And the online well that the important to you who follow my blog...

After creating this one for a friend in the Haven called Kayla and posting it in another place to see the results...

and I quote the comment from Kayla...

This cap does a great job of covering the darker elements of what I'd like to do with some of my pets.  To be able to let their inner girl out to play...to have that complete control over her.  Mine to play with as I like...to be my servant girl, or my bedside companion.

You did a great job of hitting this particular aspect of me Alectra.

(and after talking with her about it there's really some minor grammar errors!)

I received two completely opposite comments the one really important for me was from Kayla who told me that the cap was good and really got her interest. The other one is kind of a troll comment... (Hypnopics Collective gallery btw)

Good, Nice storyline, but there are NUMEROUS grammatical errors that make the story hard to understand. Plus, by putting the word "Smirk" In quotation marks, You give the illusion that she is saying the word smirk. Its also difficult to tell when she is acting or moving.

Saying that Is like saying is impossible to read or understand?! (I'm really considering not to post any more stuff onto that place is I'm going to get negative feedback everytime!)

And I use this "" instead of this ** because it doesn't blend well in the kind of font I use in Quark... (DejaVu Sans Condensed) which by the way is my favourite!

So I know the internet is full of different kind of people and that I shouldn't take it that much onto me but today I feel a bit down for other reasons and encountering that kind of comment got me wondering.

So I'm spanish... why should I keep striving to make caps in english? Easy short answer is to get it to more public. I know my mother tongue reach to about 43% of the overall population... but in English you still reach a lot more. Not to say on people's interest on this... who will be willing to comment and be nice or give a constructive criticism... okay enough with it... Judge by yourselves ^_^

And of course this is a bit of a rant because after having so many positive feedback from my 100th post...

I thought I was really going and positively advancing in my writing skills...

So for today I decided to post a spanish cap as well! (Afterall I don't think someone will come and tell me you don't know how to write in spanish! "giggle") and also I don't need an excuse to write in my mother tongue!

P.S: Bujour is an invented surname don't come from France to tell me is Bonjour "giggle"

As an added bonus here's another story that I've made for Jord...

Speaking of which... this one serves as a good example for a question I asked Caitlyn about changing styles...


So uhmmm yeah... I need a hug at this moment :/


  1. To be honest, I don't think it sounds like a trolling comment. They complimented you on your story overall. Understand that because English isn't your first language, you will make mistakes and those will stand out more to a native english-speaker. This person might also not know that you don't originally speak/write English.

    I will admit you've improved in your time since you first came to Rachel's Haven but I still have some difficulty reading some things you do. I understand why that is the case so don't take it personally. I've always complimented your ideas and concepts more so than the actual text because while the overall idea comes across fine, the words might be difficult to read.

    Trust me, it would be the same way for me if I were to try to do a caption in Spanish or any language. I'm sure it would be horrid to read. For one thing, translation can be difficult unless you spend a large amount of time around native speakers.

    Language changes rapidly now and something that might be grammatically correct might not be correct to those in a particular place or time. I know first hand the frustration of being in the minority when it comes to language I lived two years in Asia and it was often very difficult for me to get around because my language skills were limited. I learned more and more of the language over time, but I'm still not even close to properly communicating other than in very basic sentences.

  2. I think it would be unrealistic to expect someone whose first language isn't English to have perfect grammar. As long as the ideas and essences of your captions are getting across I don't think people should be picky about it. I've always enjoyed your captions, after all naughtiness is a universal language,


  3. First off all thank you for taking the time to comment and express your feeling Simone and Evie.


    While I understand how you feel about other non native speakers and your personal experience in Asia... I've been talking english in an autodidact way and with teachers and all the stuff since I was 4 years old!
    Part of my mistakes are just rushed stuff that I didn't look three or four times and other are just commons mistakes that has been my nemesis since ever! I know I can score an 8 or a 9 out of 10 in English (Like an A+ Grade) and I did *giggle*

    As for the other reason... I know is start as compliment but there must be some kind of Irony in there because:

    I have to say that, this person is indeed a troll. I've seen other comments of him in the Hypnopics collective gallery and he goes only around to comment and troll whenever possible and I did state that I'm spanish!.
    I'm sensitive about this because that's the way I am nor I'm trying to state: Hey I know English to a T because that would be incorrect!

    But not just that in that comment, I've some other works that have been trolled and deleted by the admins. So that's why I'm saying I'm thinking not to post anything else over there...


    Thanks to you for following my stuff anytime I post something over here ^-^
    As said I don't plan to have a perfect Grammar (nor do I have in Spanish and its my mother tongue!) But the more important part for me is not to make something soooo difficult to read that no one can read it. (spelling errors, non punctuated, without quotes, no follow up in the chain of thoughts, etc)

    I've learnt with the time that you cannot assume that someone is going to understand what you wrote just because it sounds well in your head!

    So I keep a line of simplicity whenever possible...

    And foremost whenever someone sees a grammar or spelling error and who doesn't know will work on the assumptions that...

    A) You don't know how to talk correctly
    B) You don't know the word
    C) You did know the word but lazy to correct it

    That's what I'm trying to avoid most of the time

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. Didn't have time to read the caps yet, but here is an idea, do a few in Spanish. Sure, I will not understand, but let those that visit be reminded that you are dealing with a language that is not your native one. You do very well and have really improved from your first caps in terms of handling English. Shoot, I grew up writing English and still screw it up.

    Take care Sweetie, have to go work now.

  5. Thanks Alexia ^-^

    I was thinking of that at this moment... So good timing *giggle* I think I've never done a series of cap in spanish (part of it's well...uhmmm spanish does sound a lot naughtier than english!)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  6. I think your captions are lovely - and making small errors in spelling in grammer - I do it all the time. I am comforted that most seem to be able to enjoy my captions anyway.

    Chin up dear - remember that you are wonderful.

  7. If it's a known troll, I wouldn't worry about it then. If it's constructive criticism, than turn it over in your head and choose to make what of it that you will.

    I know I make errors so I don't do a ton of pointing it out. I'm fine usually but if I become aware of an error, I'll go back in and fix it. All I've ever wanted someone to do if pointing something out to me is to be polite about it. Recently I've been lucky to have a beta reader help me with my captions and it's helped up the quality of my own work.

    I hope my words helped in some way.


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