10 Feb 2012

Still on The Road!

Well, well, well...

I know it's kind of complicated to follow some orders, but you had to go and do it... didn't you my little nymphettes?... *Sigh*

I said before my left, that I would go back on February and so I'm here!, but no, no, you had to go and make a ruckus all over the internet!!!

*Sigh* The Internet has been quite a hell, since I left and in the meantime we even lost Evie's blog in the process, much as mine (but thanks I could recover it back) as well as Sp's too and some others that are back on the game, but we don't yet know for how long.

I know many of you think that this has been a personal strike to the TG community. Well no, apparently I even got my blog from university on the shooting line... and you can guess, is not about TG *giggle*

Google has spread a bad boy all over the place called a SPAM Robot, this "little fella!" went everywhere seeking and signaling blogs in a weird manner, calling them Spam blogs. Google has already said "mea culpa" to the bloggers.

But! this isn't the real threat, no... we got a bunch of idiots from differents countries, thinking that they can go and control something that we "control". The users, this place of Eden, where you can still say whatever you want (in a polite manner and not harmful way to others indefinitely)

But enough is enough, so I'll promise to post something later or tomorrow, as you can guess Exams can be quite tiring... specially if you take 4 in a row :$

The last thing I want to do now is, write and write you know. Hopes you all understand :D

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: I got some questions, things promised, the already delayed requests from formspring and of course a bit too late, but I would like that if any of you can afford it. Go to Rachel's Haven and order your Haven Quaterly #3 I made a cap dealing with symbiotes and I know you gals like 'em... So go and spend your savings to you, for your friends or wathever! :D

P.S2: To my fellow bloggers friends:  I didn't ignore you. I want to write comments and all the wonderful posts you have been doing! :)


  1. Welcome back sweetie! :) I trust exams went well?
    God what a tough time for some of the gals blogging and I think many are still mourning the end of the Backburner blog and Evie's frustration with Google. I even questioned whether I should stay the course with Blogger. For now I will...

    I'm looking forward to your return to cap naughtiness and fun. Cya around Alectra!

    1. Your trust is well put on me :)

      Except for one subject, where I had troubles with a professor... and something that shall be investigated by the Dean because is something really serious... and well I know I got two subjects and the last two others are still to be confirmed but 4 out of 5 is not bad at all... :)

      Yep I'll return with more naughtiness soon hehe.

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

      P.S: I just dealt with a problem with my hard drive making my PC slow so is double the fun today!

  2. wecome back hun, missed you. glad all is going well and yes blogger has been realy bad. but glad your back and looking forward to seeing your work again. hugs. Sedra.

  3. Hi hun! Nice to see youre back on the racks...teehee.
    Yep, its pretty frustating seeing Evie and others nuked into a red cloud (poetic, uh?), but at least you've remained.
    Well, hope to see some of you black latex slices soon..

    Btw have you see which nice caps Mom has made for us all together? Cool! Hm, i wonder how she knew i was the tallest one..ops Mom always knows her daughters well.

    Xoxo Emmy


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