14 Feb 2012

Rough Valentine

Hey gals! 

I hope you are having (or will have) a fantastic Valentine day. Today Inspiration came in the form of a great caption in my opinion.

(If you don't want to read, just scroll down to the cap!)

I even dare to take off the dust from my Paint Shop Pro and photoshop this:

Hey It's Bianca so we have a winner right from the start but...

Kudos to the one who created this, but for my taste it felt like half finished in terms of the clothes and the whole dark aura that I would wanted to transmit to the reader.

So this came from Paint Shop Pro:

But nothing changed? Well no, I changed the colour of the whole dress, making it a darker version out of it plus polishing it! and the lips ( in a kind of rendition to Caitlyn's work, because she draws the lips everytime in her posts about question with a pink tone! :P )

Then once gained that... an hour really spent in that hehe... I took a new turn and start to add elements.

Okay maybe that's not too much but, in the overall...

I hope you have enjoyed my little explanation and of course the cap :)

If one thing that I would like to experiment next time is with the background, but after some efforts... the image wasn't blending well... so I just left it at it is!

Ouh and If you want to see really good captions and a person from who I tend to draw inspiration too. Go to Caitlyn's place: Caitlyns masks


  1. awwww thank you swetie, happy valentines day to you as well. huggggg. great cap too giggle.

  2. Alectra. First off thank you for the wonderful cap. Kinda creepy, but very nice effect. I like the work you did on the image. You took it from good, to a more fitting style to be used in the cap. Upping the contrast really helped.!

  3. Thank you Everyone :)

    Comments like that makes my day and also points me in the good direction of what people like :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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