12 Feb 2012

The Dungeon (For Sabrina Violet)

Okay gals, just one more for today :)

I've been spending some time in +goggle (you can go and chat with me if you want... just no weird stuff, caps and the likes only hehe!) and met a wonderful person, so I need to repay the kindness in the best manner I know. To feature one of my caps! :)

Hope you like this one Sabrina Violet... I know I said superheroines, but you know me... I like supervillainess!


P.S: This is amazing, I didn't know I could find this one day:


That skyrocketed me big time! hehe


  1. The dungeon mistress intended to create a new plaything, but in the end created her own doom instead.

    Delicious concept, dear Alectra.

    1. Ouh high praise from a marvelous cap mistress *giggle*

      Thanks Victoria! ♥

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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