24 Feb 2012

Lazy or Stop the world... I'm leaving!

So okay... I'm sorry if you were waiting for another update today, but I'm not in the mood...

If this doens't take you out of here, and you want to keep reading, then be my guest. Take in mind that if you are about to see my vision of politics and the world and other stuff, that may hurt your own vision or maybe not. You are advised.

Lately my mood is being changed and I think is affecting my own personal relations with friends and such, so for that I'm sorry if I made mad someone! and of course my own friends at University but that's because of other matters dealing with the subjects we are working on and having little free time!

Well then... It seems my country is falling apart, little by little because of an stupid group of persons who are very proud of knowing themselves. We are about to suffer many forms of "Reforms" and not only that but this crisis is taking its toll in our own mood.

This is a picture from the Great Depression in America in 1929 and it seems the shadow of it is coming once again, in its own form of terror in every country.

Unemployment... well lets talk business... a manufactured unemployment! Yes that right's Spain is not in Crisis per se, we are living a delusion of what a real crisis is. We see how every day, "GREAT" Businessmen, get more and more money for what they do and they come with a fallacious argument of  -"There is not enough money to give you work!"- and here it comes the Labour Reform, which constitutes a hit on social reforms done along the year for more than +150 years! and turns us back to the S.XIX and beyond.

Spain is not in Crisis for the same argument, Employers are cutting the flow of jobs, because the patronal associates are saying so. I mean little employers are not in that association. Think of Zara, Telefónica, Endesa (electrical company) and such...

If the Estate were to control those companies and turn it into SOEs (estate companies) there wouldn't be such a joke of people such as Cesar Alierta (High CEO) from Telefonica cutting half the workforce while Telefónica got in 2008 - 2009 - 2010 (the worst years of the Crisis) the biggest profits in History around a 87% from what already got which constitutes more than 137% profits. And that just for an example but there are other companies who followed the same argument. 
-"We don't have money for you"- haha 

If we go back to the moment of the start of the Crisis, it was around 2007 and even in 2006 I could tell something was wrong. In Spain of course. The constructions companies in cahoots with the bankers lived a "happy marriage" until the bankers decided that discounts, yes discounts to them not profits should be stopped and here it comes the problem.

The discount were around a million of euros for those middle companies or even small ones, this means that if you start to make, lets say, houses then you get the bank to support that and they will get profits one way or other, making themselves a sort of Estate Agent!. and here it comes the funny, they stopped at some point and the bigger companies such as Polaris World who had a contract through subcontracts to other small companies, decided that no one would get paid, the money would magically dissapear and everyone who got something to do with that job would get big time screwed. That's picaresque... and we spanish know it well. Furthermore that company would consider itself in suspension of payments and wait for a year then return to other bussines like nothing happened... well hello you had over 100 subcontracts and they didn't get their payments more than 10.000 employees around the country... >_>

From that an other practices Spain was diggin' a big hole in the ground. That other people saying Spain is the worst, such as retired politicians and other media interested in giving Spain the final blow.

Well even with that we survived and here we are in 2012 waiting to our announced demise...

I'm doing Political Sciences so I think I have the right knowledge to spit something about economy so here we go...

Spain suffers from overstock, no one is able to buy or consume enough because we are being paid less than 700€ as a minimum. Well France our neighbour has a minimum of 1454€, England has a minimum around 1700€, Germany doubles that, Switzerland cannot even be compared to us. And we are only surpassed in that statistic by Greece with a minimum of 372€ and Portugal with a minimum of 545€ more or less, I'm not even sure of Italy but it could be close...

No here it comes another joke, we are being told that our salaries needs a cut, so we could be talking around right now of 641€ to something close to 600€. No big deal, well no... it's even more big than you think.

And here we are with our great big employers, which "tends to think a lot", not like we would, but think! that to overcome crisis we need to get paid less than that. And that would ultimately affect the unemployment pay! which is now around 426,31€


We got politicians which succeed that pay with fat payments of 6000€ (the policitian has the right to get around 4000€) the most nobles an around 300.000€ if you have over three pays!

We got those from the "patronal" that get paid more than 200.000€ and even the sindicates chiefs get around 100.000€

Don't tell me (because this is from first of economy) that you can put someone to pay, ligth, water, mortgage, studies (like mine), food, entertainment (what's that?) and even clothes with something that is less than 1000€.

Sociologists tends to say that the welfare starts around the 1200€. So why they don't get the attention over that matter?.

Okay, companies will tell you, we are not ONG's in spanish or NGO in english. Well that's true and false. If you contribute to the state with your payment, they also get profit from that. The State gives them money which turn into discounts and fiscal assumptions which also means, that they get money from you, from your work and from the state... but they are not NGO well that's a bloody joke. Lets them be forgiven should you not buy their products and wait to see what will happen to them. You got that right. Bankrutpcy. So they participate from Society but some thinks that they don't need to give anything back... >_>

I hope you learnt something from there! (and that's only for my country!)

and from those that think we are in a capital world... well from the books you will get that a capital world is where the money is being passed in all the society from hand to hand, now go outside and see if that's true. We are not in a capital system, I got a new term for you. We are in ultracapitalism, whichs means the same word is being given a new term and that's mean that the money is but a reality in this world and not at the same time because of banks which introduces false money (transferences)

From that it doesn't matter if you can deflate economy or grow it, when you get outside of the game! You are little by little being torn apart from society. You could tomorrow be socially excluded, because "the funny part of this" is that is attacking all the social strata.

So be my guest if you believe me and start to think not like politicians told you to, and think of the world and its surroundings. Analyze the economy, from micro to macro and make an exercise of what's happening around. You'll get the answer, those stupid people from Davos cannot get!

If you read it, congrats and thank you and also an apologize from my deep rambling!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. Replies
    1. I'm trying alas... the situation is not letting me too! Yesterday a School (private one) from Madrid was shut down due to not paying around 1 million € and that's opening the door to other schools and even my university to be closed down! :(

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Your university will be closed down in all probability ? Or is this just your guess ? That sounds terrible :-( I´ll keep my fingers crossed that your university won´t be closed!

    1. It's not really a probability nor a guess, the problem is that the Madrid community (Madrid)is not paying the entire debt to my university, therefore we had cuts. Even this past winter, we had ligths cut off from time to time nor even heating!. So we are passing through a very difficult situation. Even some professors have been fired!

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Oh my god ... THIS is a really bad situation :-( As I mentioned above I´ll keep my fingers crossed and wish you and your fellow students all the best!

  4. awww hun i'm so sorry to here that. things seem to be getting out of control all over the world and its scary. i do hope everything works out for you and everything gets better, and don't worry about the post, everyone needs to vent sometime and get everything out. you go girl! huggs/ kisses Sedra.

  5. Sorry to hear you're having this trouble, Alectra. I can only wish you the best. But I should say the same for everyone else as well including myself. Things began going downhill a long time ago in the world as a whole.

  6. *hugs and Kisses you on the forehead*

  7. Sounds like the Big4 Banks in Australia, they get Billion Dollar (Aus$) profits and get workers to train overseas workers to do their job then sack the aussie workers


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