21 Apr 2012

Alectra's appreciation day

Hi gals, today I don't bring you a caption but hopefully stories to tell, criticism on myself and my ever changing mood. So if you don't feel like taking this travel with me, pass along, the next post surely will contain a gorgeous caption.

Let me start from the beginning...

First I've been meaning to say this. Lately I don't feel much appreciated at all around me. Probably it just depression reaching to me or an uneventful truth. I mean, I don't feel love, I don't feel someone reaching to me and saying: -"Its okay, I care for you, don't worry. Everything will turn out for the better."-

No, not at all. Instead I get bad news, jeopardizing my situation in the university. I don't know if I'm going to be able to pay a bigger sum of what already I have to pay. from 32€ to 100€ its a big deal to me right now. Not to say that if I don't get another scholarship I'll have to pay something around 1400€ ouh and my brother will enter university too, so depending on the case. Worst case scenario only one will enter university...

Yeah that's how things are turning out for my country. My government, is lead by a bunch of souless people making decrees each day!. Yeah you read it right, each day. To make more cuts, as the situation is getting worse and worse. But the culprits won't pay. Here's the funny from a decree of this government debtors won't pay anything back to the department of finance. Ouh well, yes only a 10% of what they have... guess what? These people are jeopardizing the situation of Spain. You got the big business players, from famous sportmens not a paying a single euro to the state. Very funny... Guess the sum? 60.000 millions of euros. Now the debt of Spain 80.000 millions of euros?! something is clearly wrong in here.

And what we got? People saying how bad the socialists did in the last elections, and how good the conservatives PP party would do... an even saying they are the same, while they are not.

These very same people, didn't vote and clearly derived their wrong ideas to the rest of the country... 

At this very moment I need a hug, but not only that, I want someone to smile for me, but not only that, I want someone to reach out to me and say: -"Hey, don't worry, everything is going to be alright"-

After this little rant I'll express what I'm passing through psychologically speaking:

Now, I don't know if I'm making Alectra coming out more or what. But I clearly expressed to my Anthropology professor that I need to know more about the differences of women and men. As a feminist, my professor is proud of the idea there is no such a convention. This is all made up to make inequalities grow more. And she's right, probably now that I'm more in Synch with my feminine side, I'm getting to know the differences that we in our society express. So for that, in June I'll get to know more about this subject thanks to my professor and hopefully I'll create better stories and grow up more as a person. Obviously that part is only for my online side, I'm not expressing that out loud, but I clearly see, my professor is making her own idea of my behaviour at all levels in class.

Another point I wanted to bring today is my growth for that very same matter expressed before.

Today I felt that a lovely angry lot was hitting on my doorstep. Comedy for you, but an idea for me:

-"So whatz upppp with yu and sup tis matter about gettin' depress or wutz? Gizzzz mooaaaar"-

- A lovely monster reach for his inadequately educated companion and begins to translate what he said -

-"Allow me to say, what he obviously couldn't: He want more captions, perhaps with sex involved"-

- A bunch of grown ups reach to him and crown him as the speaker while making a cute mass of his body... quite the mess -

- Tis need more captzzzzz, mooooooooooooooarrrrrrr, boooooooty, moooooooooar cocks... Cocks noooooo, moaaaaaaaaaaaaar cunts... -

- Needless to say they also make a lovely mass of bones from the "stupid" one -

So what's with the story? Nothing, just my head trying to cheer me up with nonsense...

A bit of critique to me:

This was my first caption:

So you have to start over somewhere and I can say its not bad at all for a starter, but it wasn't good enough for me so I have to advance. What this caption lacked: Style, proper writing, punctuation, better phrases, adecuate fonts. Really Comic Life just make life easier for you... a bit too much and you start to lack where you shouldn't. Language barrier also... 
This was my last caption without help:

After two an a half year, improvements are quite noticeable. Made with another program yes, but much more consistent in both style and writing. This is clearly what other notice as an Alectra cap. Good taste in choice of imagery, great backstory, imaginative and unique use of words and ultimately enticing and teasing. The language barrier is still there, but with holes on it. Even if tiny, but holes trying to make it crumble. 

And this was my last caption with proofreading:

 Not much to say from before, but with little improvements and having Kyra as a proofreader it does help to make it shine, more than ever. And for that I'm very grateful. The story is much more consistent and the plot don't fall over a huge pletorah of ramblings!

I even got a huge compliment from Caitlyn, so that's means a lot to me!.

Alectra's style:pointers on how to do a caption

If you want you can take a look at my pointers on how to do a cap.

Okay enough of praise, I said I wanted to critique myself, so I'll put points on which I'll try to work on, hopefully something will come out of this.

- I feel like I travelled a long way, and still has to go another long one in an unending road filled with stalemates and barriers, walls, earthquakes, gaps and holes to make my journey more difficult. but still even with the improvement made, I lack the writing, I lack the powerful nature of a well endowed word working alongside a good sentence and making feasible a paragraph that would make a grand story!. Not only in English but in Spanish too... for that, what I said.

- I need to be less wordy. Nuff said

- I should know whether to complicate the writing or simplify it. I'm usually too much fond of a grand use of aesthetical words.

- I need to imagine and create better backgrounds and choose the right selection of fonts, make myself an army of them if needed.

- I feel the need to come up with a basic of where to put the text over and if I need to put a gradient to make the writing more readable.

- I usually double check, triple check and more?! to be ever vigilant of typos, those pesky maniacs not wanting to behave and put sand over a shining prhase.

- I want to keep making myself better at it. I want to wrap you into my stories and demand more.

- I want to explore more fetishes, not only of latex lives the woman!.

- I want to create better plots, the whole bad mistress and frisky girl is amusing but I'm growing tired of doing dark storylines. I want to explore realism, so for that I need to know more of what my professor will gladly provide me.

- I want to express emotions that I can feel deep within me and reach to you better.

- I want to keep exploring fonts, styles, plots, subplots and such.

- I want to know better how a woman behaves, so that way I can express women behaviour with almost anything.

- Smut? Not sure on that, free sex, is free sex. I think I'm better at enticing people with suggestible images rather than a huge scene of a big cock getting emtrampled inside a pussy while you can pick a woman moaning from the ram she is enduring. Like I said better not!.

- I want to be more responsive to what others create for me, so that way I can depict better scenarios for them.

Once again, these wouldn't be possible if not for the help I've been obtaining along the way. So thank you for that. Probably in the future I'll try my hand at Photoshop, and the day I'm able to comprehend it, my caps will reach a new level.

After all this huge post. I feel the need to create or someone to create for me an Alectra's appreciation day. I want to feel cared and I want to know that I'm cared for. I want to know that I touched people's lives, that I changed somehow their behaviour, that I made their day. Whether through my stories or by having a good chat. I want to make a great impression and I want to feel needed. I want Alectra's strength coming back to me, because she is my way to express myself freely. 

I need a hug...

And I want to create a story out of this pic, because I feel it pretty much summarize what I feel right now...

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Like many are doing now and to keep sanity at bay. I changed the reactions to like or love it. To know if you just like it or need more of it whit a love option.


  1. *giant hugs* I'm so sorry that you have so much poop to deal with Alectra. I know some of what you're feeling. I'm struggling to pay my own way through college and depending heavily on federal loans, so if congress decides they don't want to pay for that anymore I'll be out to sea without a paddle. I hope that you're able to get your scholarships.

    I'm sorry I can't give much advice on making captions, but for what it's worth, I think your captions are fantastic!

    Again, I'm not sure how much it helps, but I do care about you. Whenever I hear a news story about Spain (unfortunately doesn't happen much) I do worry about you an hope that you're alright. I know things are pretty crappy right now for almost everyone, but I'm sure that things will get better. Just keep doing your best and things will improve *more hugs*

    1. Thank you Kyra, but when I mean I need to feel appreciated I mean about my Real life not online life. I already know that in Online I feel appreciated. Still is good to know that someones care out there! :)

      as for scholarships... the problem is that, I already got two subjects with a fail, so I'll have to get them through in September and also I'm coping with one more which could be in the line... so that's my frustation. Clearly it turns out to be more frustation when the scholarship could be jeopardized to those that don't reach a minimum which is said it will be around a 7 out of 10 in your grades. I already have that grade in two subjects and four more subjects of this semester are likely to be around that one...

      But fail one, and you have to pay double!!!!! because you will be put under a list of repeating students. Just how unfair is that!.

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    2. I understand the need for real life support, but barring some sort of teleportation or me winning a trip to Spain, virtual hugs are the best I can do for now.

      That's awful about your scholarship's requirements. I know that for the remainder of my classes I need to get a B (8/10) or better or it won't count towards my degree. I'm doing pretty well, but the though of having to repeat any classes when I'm so far behind already is pretty stressful

  2. Alectra, un gran abrazo para ti. La situación que estamos viviendo en España cada día es más dura y el final del tunel cada día está más lejos.


    Cada día soy menos optimista, menos mal que me quedan los captions como vía de escape.

    1. <:) Vaya, no sabía que eras de España, gracias por el apoyo mostrado. Si yo me siento exactamente como has puesto en los comentarios. No expresaré evidentemente a que partido voto, pero creo que por mi forma de decir las cosas esta claro. Al que seguro no he votado es al que esta ahora mismo. Bueno dejo la política que no me quiero granjear enemistades por hablar de ello.

      Gracias otra vez, tenemos que hablar por el chat un día de estos. Para hablar de captions por supuesto :)

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. *Hugs*

    You should do what you need to for the moment, and if that is concentrate on a scholarship rather than caps. Then nobody can say anything to gainsay your choice.

    I have finished college a long time ago, but my niece just finished in the UK with debts of £30,000, and she had a job pretty much all of the time she was studying.

    I don't know the answer or even the right thing to say. But try not to despair. Even if you can hope, you can hope that hope exists.

    Buena suerte con il futuro.

    Apologies for the poor Spanish it is a while since I tried to say anything in it.

    Please know that you are in people's thoughts. Time passes for all things.


    1. Thank you RJH - KK :)

      The problem in Spain is that we are not being employed and more and more people is engrossing the "waiting list". I don't know what business people want to do with my country, but certainly we could turn out to be more than 6.000.000 millions at this rate unemployed. Its worst when young people, like me get a rate of more than a 54% of unemployed.

      I think some people would like us to fall, don't know the reason, but it happened before. Only that today is even more difficult...

      If you look at the active population being able to work: In Spain we are around 25.000.000 million able to work, from those 5.000.000 millions aprox of unemployed from a population of 47.000.000 millions

      It's normal that you can say then that a 22% of unemployed is higher than any other country, but its immoral to say it's the highest of Europe, because is stupid to compare populations rate between countries without coming to other factors!

      For example: Germany has a 9% of unemployed, from what I read a couple of months. Well they have double population compared to Spain and double active population compared to us. Like that, If you look at the differences this was a false argument used to crumble our economy...

      And don't worry about making mistakes in spanish, I'm more ludicrous for writing always in english and not telling on my mistakes *giggle*

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. First as requested - HUGE HUGS from a hug specialist, your "mom" :)

    Second, I know that things not really in your control - the economy is a great example - can really affect lives, and if your ability to continue in college is at risk, then I am so sorry to hear that. You are obviously a person who not only is really intelligent but is passionate about learning and to deny that in any way is horrible. But you can't let what the world denies you to stand it your way of your goal. And please don't let the depression disable you. I hope that the encouragement of me and your online "Family" gives you the signal to keep going forward.

    Third, I'm hearing a lot of comments about education and the burden of student loans. It's epidemic here in the US too. Now, leaving politics out of this, I can tell you from my experience that it took a long time for me to pay back what loans I took. But I did, through hard work.

    Fourth - Alectra, I'm proud of how you can show your progression through your captions. I also appreciate how you've explaining what your passions are. To be honest - of all of the girls I have "Adopted" you are somewhat of an enigma in terms of your style. You are very esoteric in your approach to captioning and even your commenting. Your work has a darkness to it that I rarely take on in my own work. It's not scary darkness but rather a mood setting. In other words, you're a mysterious chick :)

    But what is not a mystery is that you love connecting with us. Your request for hugs was quickly filled because lots of us love you and we know you would do the same for us in our moments of need. We just went through Evie's blog being blown up, and in reading the Haven, our mates there have some real life drama going on - gender issues, health, deep depression.

    It will get better - believe in that...

    Again sending my love to you from afar XXOOO

    Annie (Mom)

    1. Thanks mom :)

      I'm mysterious, because I like to be mysterious. (Fiddling with a mysterious mantle) Yes Mysterious :)

      Well darkness, you said that. I say emotions... emotions can have that part of darkness, whether through sorrow, melancholy, sadness, agony but also happiness and cheriness as well as Enthusiasm in that interesting brew :)

      I know that I cannot control economy, but my point is that it's frustrating not to be able to do anything by yourself when you have someone nicely tying the population by their hands and arms. I'm not that naive to say, some years ago you could go outside and get a promotion in your job or even get a job just like that... But you had the opportunity, not now :/

      The budget for Investigation + Develepoment + Innovation its said to be dissapearing in a couple of months... clearly my economy minister is an asshole and should go and take a few economic classes. That's like blowing up the country!

      "The problem" with me is that I'm too much emotional, sometimes I get afflicted from others situations and mine is no worse. I know it sounds terrible to say, but I shouldn't get that much afflicted, there is so much I can take in me. So my mood always varies depending on the day. Thats shows in my caps too!

      Like the proverb says: Ignorance is bliss, knowledge brings pain.

      I sometimes would wish, this would be backwards.

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. Hang in there love - I know it's not much -but better times are coming, and while of course I want you to do captions constantly, I also am a grown up and understand that it takes time, and sometimes time you don't have. You have to focus on what is really important and come back to captions when you can.

    *pulls you into her warm arms, squeezing you tightly against her balloony body, and kissing you on the cheek.* Feel better love.


    1. Thank you very much Betty :)

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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