3 Apr 2012

Sissy in Training

No, no don't worry I'm not gonna go over there :) 

Hi gals, this is for those sissies that I'm sure wanted to have their own personalized cap, but didn't know how to ask... well after some improvement on my own with english and design alike. I decided to keep capping till I get the mood on! Like Caitlyn, who was a lil' (big time) depressed over her exam... No I'm not asking for attention on that matter, don't worry :)

Today was a great day, so allergies were kind enough to shut the trap! and let me rest, so in that, I decided to be lazy with Uni and cap a little to also keep the stress off too!

As for my last post, I'm sorry for breaking the mood I'm trying to construct here. I cannot go into much detail, but it turned out to be it wasn't a simple car theft... if not for hours my father's car would have become nice, not really but nice spare parts... just because someone wanted it too. I know it sounds confusing but if you think a little you can mix that in your head as the police is taking an investigation in that. 

Okay... where was I? Ah yes, well as you can see the mood of the cap is a little dark, but with a hint of rejoice and bad news for those that do not buy the Ezine. Shameless me! As you can see it says transformation day 1. Well there is gonna be a bit more on that, perhaps a bit too much from the tone used there, but I'm trying to get a way to encourage people that like my works, to support the Haven, the lovely place that took me as for what I'm and not for anything else. With my odd manner, my no less than perfect manners too, my own place to share a laugh with friends who enjoy what I enjoy and Home for Alectra of course. :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy this one, I put lot of care into each one as It would be a great prize. Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement from last post too :)

Reccomendations for you: MDPQGAMES

I'm sure that many of you already knows what a RAGS game is, if not you better start to search on Tf games site and in the Hypnopics Collective and get a hand of it. Anyway that blog is from a friend of mine going by the same name who was a game on the making. Its pretty good and I assure you that a visit is paid for on your behalf!.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Maybe you noticed a little bit more of consistency, well thats thanks to my professor who told me that I needed to make less paragraphs between ideas and that would make my writing less chaotic... meh! don't mind that, thats just for my writing style :)

P.S2: For those that I owe a cap in the Haven, sorry again. I went on a self imposed semi-retirement to not let crumble your fantasies with my ouh so bad mood, art, writing all mixed in a nice box... Results from a bad Idea or rush. Just let me improve what I can offer, through this once again shameless place of wacky ideas results of my rusty workbench. :)

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