7 Apr 2012

The Perfume

Hi gals, today is a good day to post a cap ( as any really :) ) 

So I decided to not let myself being crumbled in misery... just go and read any news (especially if you live in Spain and has heard the economic minister... meh doesn't matter)

Anyway, I think I hadn't made too much clean or cute caps as I would like to. I do enjoy making them, and finally have found a pic I saw in Caitlyn's site that I wanted to try, This pic evoked me many stories, though I finally found that the one depicted is the indicated. So enjoy :)

- ¿Which kind of story evokes you this image? -

I think this would have gone perfect with my recently created persona Calliope, but I didn't see a reason to include her there yet. I want Calliope to make a bigger entrance, into my stories...

Also I know I'm not consistent with themes, but next time I'll post something more attune with the spirit of this blog. YEP! Latex a go go *giggle*

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Just for those at Rachel's Haven I updated my profile with a new Biography, maybe some of you will find it interesting :)


  1. I like this one, it's sweet and the image is most captivating. Don't try to worry too much about the news or general gloom in Europe generally... your captions as always are fab!

  2. YAY, upcoming latex-pics :)))I´m really looking forward to them!

    latex + your style of writing caps = wonderful results

    easy formula ;)

    Love, Kim

  3. ah the sweet smell of perfume, lovely concept Alectra!

  4. Ah perfume must smell wonderful.


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