9 Apr 2012

Pizzicato for Strings

Hey gals, how are you doing?

Today I bring you a cap, that I was experimenting with, so you tell me at the end which one you like :)

Recently I downloaded a pack of fonts, to make it more visually appealing the reading, and talking about that... I think I would love someone who would endure my writings, to proofread them... I know maybe it just much too ask, but anyway I try to make for a better reading with each one!.

Here I present you the original cap:

So well the usual from me in a non-creative day, apart from the new fonts. Which I'm still experimenting nothing new.

And then while listening to this kind of old music. I mean the pizzicato for strings, It's a thing you won't hear over modern music (unless you go for jazz or electronic music that's it!). Its a technique that consist of plucking the strings from a string instrument. Little by little making squeaking sounds or that depends of the tempo and it produces a timbre that is called inharmonicity because the sound doesn't belong to harmonic series and after the string is bowed it returns quickly to the harmonic ratio. Producing a marvelous sound. It's a cool technique that you won't hear it unless you are listening to Johann Strauss or Bach or the above said :)

To the topic. When I found that well, the woman is playing the instrument, she is also talking about using that instrument to enthrall someone... so maybe the violin should appear it behind. 

And I said... well why not the notes? Yes that's my head working. The only thing that I don't like about this, is that maybe would make a bit for a hard reading... nonetheless, it's perfect, because she could be talking about an ancient score an the paper does demonstrate it!.

Anyway this was my other choice.

And finally, the one I like the most, you have the musical score a bit more obscure to make for a better readibilty and the strings from the violin used to accompany the title.

Hope you have enjoyed an interesting journey to my head...

I think this is the first time that I encountered I could do a bit more of work behind the scenes for the cap. Have you ever encountered if you are a captioner, such a dilemma? Or if you are not a captioner... do you care about it, or just go for the story?

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. I love the story! The idea of being utterly enthralled by an ancient and magical composition is very intriguing. Given how music can stir my memories and provoke powerful emotions, it's not that far fetched either.

    For the formats, I think the first one was easiest to read, but the others really weren't difficult to make out. I think the third is my favorite. I really like how the title lays along the strings of the violin.

    I'd be willing to try proofreading for you if you'd like. It just might take me a day or two to get them read, edited, and sent back to you.

    1. Thank you Kira, yep I'm a bit musical geek glad you liked and thanks again for being a volunteer. It's not like I'm massproducing stuff, so I can wait that much. If you sent me an email. I can contact you later, for a future cap! :)

      I'm still experimenting as I said, so if that is redeable enough I'm good to keep playing around with fonts, because I noticed the fonts I used where a little flat and thin, a bit lifeless too

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. The first is easier to read but the other two do show more creativity and kinda draws the reader in, or make one want to read it. I think it is for sure a route to explore. :)

  3. I think all three variations give a different feel. The first allows me to focus more on the picture, while the last two give me something else to chew on while reading.

    As for readability... well you know I have a tough time reading fonts like this. Even in the first variation, I found it difficult to read without enlarging it. The second variation (without the violin) was... well even enlarged, I had a tough time making it out. The last variation was better, but it was still difficult to make out over the lighter areas of the background.

    I really liked the design of that last variation (with the violin). I think that if the background was darkened somewhat, and maybe a text box under the text to help further separate it from the background would help make it better.

    All that being said, its a great story, and a wonderful cap!

  4. A lovely cap, thanks for explaining your process. I found it helpful, just taking time and not rushing it are key for me. Sometimes I rush to reword a cap as I enter it. Changing what I originally wanted as inspiration strike, then flatten the layers, and then realise I missed one of the key points I wanted to cover in it.

    Personally, I like the middle version. But would have faded the background more and probably used a black typeface rather than white. But keep captioning. For me the violin in the background is too striking and draws the eye too much. But they are lovely, and it is nice to see you become more confident with different features of a program.

    But a mistake I've made is getting carried away with extra features, and making it look too hard to read. The first version with the plain gradient background, is lovely to, leaving the reader to focus on the image and the text.

    As long as you're enjoying yourself, you are pleasing the right audience. Don't try to write to suit others preferences it can make it feel false.

    1. Thanks for taking the time of writing constructive criticism :)

      Well, this wasn't rushed, I spent like 4 or 5 hours and like you said. I couldn't decide on which one was better. And so I have to post the three of them. I'll take to note what you said it here, thank you.

      For me is not about the cap on itself but to be amusing for everyone else. If not I would just create them only for me and just that! and no, I won't write over something I don't like. It just brings poor results!

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

      P.S: You write caps? Do you have a blog or something?


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