4 Jan 2012

My Initation (For SteffiMarie)

Hi there gals, lovely (not really) day today *giggle*

I'm freezing really, wish this winter would strike some Christmas spirit with some snow, but no, the weather brings me frozen ice! hehe

Ok, nevermind...

Today I bring you more gifts from the Three Wise Men... more like I have them tied till the special comes *giggle* but, don't worry they'll go to you...

I know I'm deviating a bit from my usual stuff, but I wanted to try new horizons... and see whats happen!

Enjoy ^-^

More to come later!

P.S: For anyone that don't know what a premise is: A premise is a argument that cannot be invalidated, whichs mean whether if it's true or not. That's up for the one who follow the premise and the one who wrote it in the first place! hehe


  1. Lovely cappie!!!!

    You KNOW I am a corset fan, and the story fits really well ;)

    Thanks SO much!

    / hugs

  2. Gorgeous - very delicious dear. Your caps are always so wonderful.


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