2 Jan 2012

Shifting Sands (Guest Caption from Annabelle aka Mom Annie)

Hi gals fruitful day today for me ^^

It's seems the Three Wise Men got my gift sooner than expected and all by the hand of my online RL mommy Annabelle Raven Hyde!

She has a blog where you can peruse in here:

Annabelle's Family Tradition

Inside there you'll find, most of the time, fantasies about lovely moms and "deviated daughters", no that's a joke more like deviated moms *giggle* 

In two words : Sweetness ahead!


Enjoy it everyone as much as ME! ^-^


  1. Hehe, does that mean I get to play with the dust too? Mmmmh, I can't wait.

    Great caption Mom!

  2. Alectra, glad you love it babe. BTW - love the matching berets.

    Evie, welcome back, dear. You are mentioned by name in the cap - sigh what a ditzy blonde you is.. LOL (blows dust onto Evie)

    Steffi - The pic demanded a story and I came up with it. Hokey to be sure, but I am the master err mistress of hokeyness.

    Later my loves...

  3. Wonderfully cute and delicious. I love it.

  4. It seems thta once again the father, no, THE mother knows best what is good her her children.

    Great cap, Annie. WHo wouldn't wish for such a caring mother. :)

  5. Years of dedication pays off beautifully! Alectra and Evie are lucky to have such a wonderful Mom!

  6. Thx Nadine and Kyra - we'll have to save some dust for a future fun night ;)


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