1 Jan 2012

Una noche diferente/A different night (Spanish/English Cap)

Hi gals ^^

Happy new year 2012, since it's a new year I've come with a solution that I've been thinking for a long time. Why post stuff in spanish and then only english and so on?. I know that today is sunday but screw that rule from so long ago, I'll post whenever I can ^^

Well This is a bit of a experiment on my part, "I'll try" to create spanish caps from time to time with an english translation following the same rule that I've bringing you today. Due to the amount of work this bring and that probably it will only affect to a roughly number of 800 millions of spanish users *giggle* plus if we cut down to the actual users of said language that will peruse over this sites... around 4000 from Spain monthly, and 50.000 from the other side of the globe from spanish americans people too, sooooooooooooooo... ^^

I decided that this will only affect to one panel caps, otherwise it would be a huge amount of work and for those spanish users, you will notice the difference, I'm sure, between my weird brew of english and my shiny and golden spanish!

Without further addo, Enjoy! ^^

Well I hope the effort is granted ^^

Overall it was a good practice to my english skills!


  1. Bravo, I can only do English caps and even then my spelling sucks :p

    Oh daughter dear, I have something I'd love for you to put on this blog. Do you have an email where your mom can send you somethihg sweet? :)

    Thanks xxxooo

  2. Oh yes ^^

    Just check my profile, I've enabled my email for everyone to watch, didn't notice over that!

    And thank you for liking it! ^^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Interesting to see the two different versions of the same caption in the different languages. I enjoyed the English version and was intrigued by the Spanish. Maybe I'll end up knowing some Spanish, although if I learn from you I'll probably end up only knowing all the dirty and depraved stuff.

    That would probably make quite a funny TG cap, trapped in a sexy girls body in Spain and only able to say "I wanna sleep with you, let me suck you off" or other naughty phrases. Hehe

  4. Thanks Evie ^^

    Don't worry it's almost the same from spanish to english! and yet I don't know if you know about it, but whenever a brit gal comes to spain and meets with a spanish... there's a great chance the spanish boy/girl will teach her something naughty *giggle* most of the time because of a funny confusion!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. I believe "Momma" is the same in English or Espanol. And I'm from a country where we speak both. Well I don't speak much Spanish. I know "hasta la vista" and "senorita" and "muy caliente" and that's about it. :)

  6. Well it's actually "mama" or for a serious tone "madre"! *giggle*

    And sucks to say it but... it's "señorita" and yeah muy caliente and hasta la vista are phrases quite used on films so I don't wonder on that *giggle*

    Take it to note that spanish american and actual spanish are quite different both in stress tone and spelling in some words.

    For example Hasta la vista would be used in Spain like: "Adios" o "Hasta luego" Which is goodbye, bye and last See you soon or farewell.

    Muy caliente... that's less used in Spain we use the expression to reflect on something hot (because is hot not because it's actually "hot" *giggle*) Excitante which would be exciting doh!
    and this turn me on which would be "Me pone" would be more properly words for something that it's hot!

    There ya go Spanish clasess from the lovely Alectra *giggle*

    Last but not least important Señorita would be used in a formal tone for someone your are not acquainted to. Ff you want to refer to someone that you know if would be chica, chavala, mujer,and if a less usual word but more from a village it would be "zagala" o "moza"

    Which are actually: Girl, gal, woman and for the last two it would be lassie!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  7. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    Lovely cappie.. I'm not even going to attempt the spanish.. I speak english and poor german... I don't need to screw up another language :)

    Thank you!

  8. Ah, the night before caption. *giggle* Always a fun theme, and that's a wonderful picture to go along with it. Fun stab at doing a single caption in two different languages. I can barely do one! *giggle*


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