7 Jan 2012

On Hold (For now)

Hi gals today I won't bring you new content, as University demands my attention, so I won't post anything else till February... don't whine, don't ask, don't plead, don't put yourself on your knees, don't beg, don't call, don't shout (you know that's rude), don't request, don't whistle to me, don't curse me for it....

There is lot to see if you are new and if you are a regular well I'm sorry, I wouldn't do this if my time wasn't required... :)

Sexy pic for you. I promise to make a cap of this in... you know when *giggle*

Not until FEBRUARY, hopes everyone understand, busy student you know! :)

Until then, you are advised to visit Danielle's (pretty pet) blog in here:

Trials of a Lust Apprentice

Enjoy it!

P.S: It just a month... can't you all wait, just a month? :P


  1. February, well that... that... that's a MONTH from now (close) - my God, by the time you come back, we may be devastated by a meteorite or bird flu or zombies or really bad reality television...

    Seriously, your return will be a time to celebrate. Good luck with your studies and all you have on your plate. You are an exceptionally warm, positive and giving "young lady" that I have grown fond of pretty quickly in that motherly fashion :)

    PS: I saw a post you did on RH and I now am about a week into it; it is a special place, with special people. And you're a big part of that Alectra! xxxoooo and hurry back honey!

  2. hi sweetie, well you got to do whats best and school is the best, you do what you have to do we will all be here wateing, tho we will miss you :) your education is the most imporant. hugs, luv ya, Sedra.

  3. Don't worry about it, we'll all still be here when you get back and you are able to caption. Your work is always fantastic and worth waiting for. Concentrate on your studies and get those grades!

    Evie XXX

  4. Nods - you are a treasure dear - but you need to take care of first things first. Hang in there.


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