1 Mar 2012

Anyone want to become a pretty doll? (and guest cap)

Hi gals, just recovered from my "rant moment" from the other day... I know you come here to have fun and I do that also, but I just had to do it. Sorry :)

And thank to the ones that wanted to cheer me up, you rock!!!

Funny thing that the title works in all directions :P and I didn't have any mistress in mind but... you can guess who's the mistress of hypno :P

And ouh we have someone new in our neighbourhood which was good enough to do this for me and of course, you should try to follow her too :)

Tight and Shiny English

P.S: I already said this on my thumblr but if anyone want to try... I can accept it multiple times, just in case there is a high demand :)


A little secret… today I found this on +Google… and know what… some of you may think Alectra was born while looking at latex pics. Well no, hehe, not really. This was the first image that made me curious of the other gender, and made me wonder what would it be to be “at the other side of the fence”
I was a teenager, and this made a huge impact to my mind, because of the explicit naked body and the naked art put in there (plus there is somekind of “double gender” as I see it myself in there too) :)
If some of you great captioners, think of me as a latex minded gal, think of Alectra while looking at this photo… as a seeker of remarkable art! :)
Hugs and Kisses Alectra
P.S: If you think this is worth captioning… you don’t need to include me, but it would be something really, really great and touching :)

And remember a happy Alectra is a productive Alectra *giggle*


  1. Yeah ... I want to be a pretty doll :-)
    ... and nice pics :-*

  2. Hey Alectra, thanks to your support my blog is getting more and more fans :)

    I write all my caps with the thought that I want to be tue weaker part...so you can say I would love to be Kim, wear your catsuit and be dominated by you ;) the same goes for your cap, I would just love to be your doll (but you should at least let me wear latex ^^) <3 :)


  3. Mmmm very hot Alectra, this one really spoke to my doll fetish and touched me in just the right place :) And yes, I too would like to volunteer to be a pretty doll. Oh and thanks for posting the link to Tight and Shiny English. Great blog, I’ll definitely be following it!

  4. @Alectra Thanks for taking the time to direct me to this caption. This does remind me of a few things I've done for playmates from time to time. I'm usually a bit more covert with my programming, but there's nothing wrong with going full force with a sub who loves the helpless feeling of being controlled. It sounds like there are plenty more dollys out there to to be programmed and used as playthings.

  5. I want to be a pretty doll!



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