27 Mar 2012

Not a good day

Hi gals,
I'm very, very sorry for keep throwing at you personal stuff and not captions yet, but I felt this was truly important for me and so I had to say it!
My father’s car has been stolen today. So it seems my world, our world suffer big time from that.
Okay, you will think, but you live in Madrid take the metro… well you certainly don’t go to work or do stuff by taking the metro :( and we are certainly at a bad spot. My Scholarship cannot hold the buying of a new car… if this situation doesn’t get resolved, we are going to be in a very tight spot!
Its like a bad joke, really, when you think: hey maybe everything is turning bright, hey maybe things are gonna turn all right... Well until further notice, I don't know what will it be of my father's car and it's really important for us to have a car. More than ever in these days...
So yeah, hugely depressed right now...

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Update: Nevermind this post, since a few hours ago the police found the car. I'm a bit amazed by them now, less than four hours to find it! :D


  1. OH NO! I'm so sorry to hear this! No one should have to go through this sort of stuff. And it's even worse when your options are not even limited, they are almost non-exsistant. I hope everything can get worked out, but I wish I could help in some way.


    1. Thanks Jennifer :)

      It's truly a bad experience... it's worst when your insurance car doesn't cover theft... or so my mum has told me. Mmmmm what a day! >_>

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that! Your insurance doesn't cover theft? Would you be able to get a cheap rental? Hopefully the police are able to recover it soon!

  3. Well, It sucks that your insurance doesn't cover theft. I have fire and theft on mine .. the issue for me is the car isn't worth that much if someone steals it! Luckily, most people don't want to steal a 17 year old car.

    Hopefully they'll be able to recover your Dad's vehicle. If not, at least you can be consoled that no one was hurt, like in a carjacking or something like that!

  4. Yep I'll expect the police to recover it, but who knows this suburb has changed alot from last five years to now. We have spanish gypsies living around but even those never tried anything of the sort... So my guess isn't on those ones. We also have very dangerous people dealing with drugs, even dealing with them in plainsight. The police has been in this suburb, alot of times.

    Such are the things of living under a special regime with flats rented by the autonomous community (I'm not sure if there is a similar model in America to explain the different kinds of delimitation of the territory) where I live. After I lost my home I had to live with my uncle, and so I ended in this place, but really I can tell you this place wasn't as bad as it know!

    And yep again the car was an old model and all the cars around my place are brand new. I just cannot understand for the life of me why someone would steal an old run down second hand, cheap, worn out Ford! Its not like the car was the next big thing you know!

    But still it was the only way for us to go around, most than anything safely too because we are living uncertain times. Well to be sure, my dad suffered that once of carjacking but he was young and in the militar service... hehe those thugs never saw it coming!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. oh no thats awful hun, any leads on who took it?

  6. Hmm well my girlfriend and I live in low income housing. The state requires some fraction of residences o be classified low income. So while we own the property, the government limits how much we can sell it for later and buyers have to be making under a certain amount of money to purchase it. I know some places also have rent controlled apartments so the landlords are limited to how much they can charge to live there.

    Is that kind of what the situation is?

  7. Not that I know Sedra...

    Nop, not like that Chaosbeast. In Spain we have a social system, that allows the community to have a department or similar it's called IVIMA (Institute for living, property and tenement in Madrid) in this community where I live. That's Madrid because is different in other communities

    So roughly this institute has the power to make "contracts" with the community and offers flats for those with low income. Such flats comes with prizes but not bound to them from 100€ monthly or not really sure on that one to 400€. The houses and flats are the same but it depends on how much you can earn. Once you have been selected for a house or flat (its kind of a contest, called public contest where many facts and situations are valued)

    This institution is a Public Administration and works in two ways for the government and with its own internal system of management.

    For many people is like winning the lottery. Assuming you get a profitable job after getting the house, you won't be charged more or less for that. So imagine that my mortgage is around 200€ and I earn 1200€. BIG TIME WINNING if you know that mortgages are around 900€ to (just place any amount, there are some very high amounts like 2000€ for a mortgage and even further!) Thanks to the banks by the way.

    Obviously this is not for everyone, but those that get it. Their living and way of living dramatically increase compared to the rest.

    So once again. The figure of a Landlord is non existant to this kind of treat. I'm not being rented to a third party.

    The best thing of this system is that you can be rented for an amount but with an option to buy the house later or buy the entire house after 10 or 15 years of rent.

    That's the most socialist act that exist in my country.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  8. *hugs you tight and kisses your forehead*

  9. Sorry to hear of the unfortunate event, but glad for you that things worked out. Life is very strange like that. :)

  10. *Phew* good to hear you got it back


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