4 Feb 2013

Mistress Day (Also Called Valenswine's Day)

Howdy gals, I skipped some study time to come up with this funny idea. This for the captioneers out there who want to join the fun.

So I found that there is a "special day" before Valentine's day, it's called Mistress Day, which is used for those that cheat on their wives... But let's forget about those, let's get more sexy. So I had this idea that we could post something about a Mistress Day all across the captioneer world. What do you think?

Mistress Day, February 13th

Is the February 13th, also in China is on March, but whatever let's get down with this one.

Let's get your pens, plumes, keyboards, hands ready and start to write a nice or naughty story or both. Its your call!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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