3 Feb 2013

The Haven Quaterly III (The Attack of The Symbiote Queen) Re - Launch

Howdy gals, I dunno if you seen it this before, if you don't. Well today is your lucky day. A whole year has passed since I made this caption for the Haven Quaterly and since I consider it to be from the new line of work I produce it will be posted here - I had a previous one for the second Issue alas I cannot find it in my hard drive sorry - 

The Attack of the Symbiote Queen: Issue #3

The story may seems silly but then again Symbiote appearing in our planet is silly too! Is a lovely excuse to read a great corruption symbiote story though. I have to say this was lovely proofreaded from ShySteffie, so thanks Steffie.

Enjoy. The next year I'll release one of the captions I've made for Issue #4

In other news I have been asked to redone the older captions I've posted here into the new style. I'm not against it, but it seems much work and I have to be sure you will like it. In the end is like making the same caption but with another format - and possibly with better grammar! -

What do you think?

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: I wanted to do a caption for Issue 5# but I ran out of time, so until the next one, sorry.


  1. Its very sexy, I like it! Great stuff as usual!

  2. This is one of the first cap's of yours that I've read. I love your use of the symbiote idea. Very sexy indeed! Glad to have discovered this site.


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