23 Mar 2012

Decisions, decisions

Hi gals :)

So with the upcoming free time I'll have on Holy Week or Saint Week (Semana Santa) and especially today...

Do you think is worth making at least a caption due to free time?

Allow me to explain

I’m wondering if I should make a caption to relieve the stress, I have since I started this month. One because of my allergy and two because of an exam next week (Sociology by the way)…

The reason is I cannot concentrate, after all the hard work I’ve dealing all this month, and I think I need to find something to ocuppy my mind. Another reason I didn’t want to do this, is because I could probably make more mistakes than usual in English because I’m spanish, but today I feel relatively well…

I don't feel like doing for someone in general, because I may crumble something that should be special... just probably this post would  be to create a stand alone cap with some experiments on it.


Thanks :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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