4 Mar 2012

My Creation: Simone Ravencroft (Origins)

Hi gals :)

I'm starting a new project... well I'm sure you have seen tons of this kind, but not mine... So it's exclusive! *giggle* since I have some free time, and really nothing to do... apart from an exercise for the next week... thats mean: My dangerous mind started to work on its own :3

So I present you a new saga: Origins; From time to time, I'll do this kind of caps and tell Origins of great captioners out there and maybe some invented by me!.


I may also create odd & ends but for that, I have to see if this is well received :3

more next week!

P.S: Yes I know I have some questions, and some other stuff... but that will come onto the next month where I will have some vacations! :) 

P.S2: Yep! new label *giggle*

P.S3: Thank you soooooooo much for liking that last caption, I wasn't sure of that one, but I'm taking note of doing more of them next time :3


  1. Wow! When dark poetry meets an hot project, the results can be only one: amazing work!
    Great idea, querida! Keep with it!

  2. Nice long legs :-)

  3. love it hun, sounds like a great story to continue. hugs, Sedra.

  4. Loved it, can't wait to see where this goes!
    Candi Came


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