16 Mar 2012

Allergy month (Actually two months!)

Soooooo nurseeeeee! I mean Hi gals :)
Like the title read, I'm ill, yeah... Since I'm allergic to almost if not all, the kind of plants that exist......... >_> 

The spring is not my favourite season of the year. I'm a Chronic Allergic (this means I'm susceptible of having all the symptoms) to this kind of illness. I won't risk my health and I'll try to rest for these two months... just enough dealing with University...

Sorry to inform you that due to my allergy… probably this entire month and the next I won’t be able to do anything new whether they are captions or whatever :(
I’m deeply sorry! But I cannot get ideas straight with this illness…

Someone needs to take care of me :D

Maybe I'll be able to do something at the end of April but not sure, It all depends on how my allergy advances and the weather of course!

So by all means, I'm sure you hadn't seen all the content I've done. So do yourself a favour and take your time if you want to delight yourself in everything I have done so far!. I'll promise to bring something good when I come back.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Just saw that today was Simone's Birthday... and it pains me that I won't be able to produce something for her :(


  1. I have real bad allergies to all sorts of plants and pollen, ragweed etc .. plus almost every kind of animal, including the non-allergenic kind.

    I take a few different things to combat it, but something that has helped lessen the agony of the symptoms is a nasal rinse every morning. It really makes all the runny noses, congestion, and nasal drip much less annoying.

    This is what I use, and its much easier to use than a Neti pot.


    1. Thanks Dee :)

      Got something similar from my medic, but my allergy don't concentrate over my nose. It concentrates over the body.

      Worst symptoms I had were systemic pain, weakness, acute urticaria, muscle cramps, vertigo and last year which was worse than this one... even blurred vision.

      I can withstand mucus and a sore nose but I cannot withstand the previous related symptoms :/

      I talked this with others who suffers from my same allergies and it seems, each one we tend to have different symptoms from Ig E Attacks to gramineae (most than pollen) over a bad response to the Immune system. The fun part is that, you are getting all these symptoms for nothing.

      The body reacts in a bad way to graminae and therefore you get a battle inside your body. All those symptoms happens because Ig E thinks a pathogen entered your body. Since that said pathogen, never entered your body... you will get your body bombarded and then voila. All previous symptoms appears...

      Worst case scenario is dead. Such from Cupressus arizonica. A professor of mine, has this kind of allergy and he cannot get any closer to that tree. If not he is risking his life! >_>

      Of course thats if you are a Chronic Allergic!

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. <puts on Mom apron and cooks some chicken soup :)
    Sorry to hear about your condition Alectra. Hope you can get some relief. Hugs!


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