2 Dec 2011

Back again... somehow (For Evie)

I just couldn't hold myself from doing something for my dear Evie after hearing that she was in hospital... so I came up with this bit of naughty and quirky story *giggle*

Argus' Backburner

You can go there if you hadn't yet and delight yourself with all the naughty material she can bring to you in minutes!

P.S: I dunno if I will making something else for today... but if the mood strikes me I'll do another one to compensate the long absence. Till now enjoy these three caps of today ^-^


  1. Hehe, I love it! You're completely correct as well. Evie is back in charge babe and Adam knows it! Thanks so much, it's amazing to be back!

  2. Cool! I guessed that something similar has happened...


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