2 Dec 2011


Hi gals how have you been? Sorry for the long absence...

And before someones asks... no I haven't been lost in Skyrim *giggle*. I've been busy with studies and today I'm making an exception because the next week there are a lots of free days because of the constitution day of my country!.

Well onto the cap of today ^-^

Watching an episode of Dr Who yesterday (the one from where the doctor has to hide that he is a time lord and becomes human for a short period of time) I've come to the realization that even if you create a fictional character... this one has a life on its own. No matter how fictional and impossible it would be. It has needs and cares, and fears as well as hopes...

Now there you go this cap for you avid reader as my consideration becomes tangible today ^-^

P.S: Ouh have I told you that the clock is tickling? No? And what the hell does that mean... *giggle* Well my birthday is coming and since an important exam will be held the same day... I'll come back with more stuff after that day. If possible in the same day ^-^

1 comment:

  1. hey sweetie glad to have you back, loved the last 3 caps. been missing your work and glad your back. hugggggggg Sedra. :)


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