13 Dec 2011

Today is my birthday!

Hello gals I'm back with more sweetness as well naughtiness to you once again! ^-^

As the title says is my birthday... YAY! 23 years full of great wishes, looking now back, I achieved one of my prior objectives. 
Which is getting to University so this year hasn't be half bad *giggle*. On top of that, my situation will get stable sooner than later... no job yet but the future looks bright for me! Lots of new jobs offer everyday... and yet not one that I can sustain with Uni time at the same time lol >_>

I think I'm growing up with all of you as well as my friends so thanks for following me each day, weekly, monthly, etc *giggle*

Well nevermind... I hope you have a great day and now for today cap ^-^

Ouh and before I forget you should check out this site ^^

Tasha's Tale: http://www.tashastale.com/

As having permission from the author here's two slides from this awesome comic to get you enticed ^^

 I picked them out randomly from this comic... to make out this you have to go and read it!

And if you happen to like it... Go and donate to the author's page to get this story going further ^-^

Once I start a job again, I'm planning on doing so!

P.S: I have one question from wufoo as well as a request... I hadn't forget about you gals. I will get to you soon. Expect that question to be resolved soon (if possible in a funny way too!) ^-^


  1. Happy birfday hun, hopefully it brings you more sexy tight latex outfits plus a fun lil' feminine pet to rest those black stilleto heels on.

  2. Happy Birthday sweetie, wow 23 thats awsome hun. Hope you have a specal day HUGGGGGGGGS Sedra.

  3. Feliz cumple!!!

  4. Happy birthday, my dear. Really lovely the caption, I love the dress.

  5. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed the actual date, been away for a few days! Hope you had a great day!

  6. Happy birthday! I missed it cos i was away, but i've sent you a mail with a gift...*wink*
    See you soon, querida.

  7. happy birthday^^


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