29 Dec 2011

The Treatment (For Steffimarie)

Hi gals, while I wait for some confirmations to make the next story I have in mind... Yeah is a bit of a secret project, don't peek!!! Here's something that I cooked up today for my new follower Steffi.

She has been so good to leave me some good comments, that I felt it would be nice to make her a story. It's the first time I'm making one for her, so I hope I didn't screw up anything *giggle*

Besides having maids is always a win-win situation all the time *giggle*

Hey afterall she asked for it, for posting sooooo much these days *giggle*

Also dealing with a try on "what happened before"... I don't see many of those as other's try to step on "what happened after"


P.S: Now there is no such thing as magic in here, so the treatment, can either refer to a surgery or just hypnosis or both!


  1. Well, Alectra.... multiple French Maids and light bondage... I'm just gonna HATE that :)

    Oh no.. not the briar patch, please don't make me go in the briar patch!!!!

    I love it!

    Thank you SO much!


    Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog

  2. All I can say is French Maids + Alectra = Great caption for Steffi.

    Great work!


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