31 Dec 2011

Love me like a doll

Hey there gals I wish you a Feliz Año Nuevo 2012 for everyone out there, I have something more prepared, but that will have to wait for the new year until then enjoy this little funny song I twisted ^^

Also I want to thanks all my friends for being so supportive of me and dealing with me everyday... well not exactly everyday but you get the idea *giggle*
It's also a good moment to express my thanks for everyone watching me since the start, for those new visitors, the regulars and the occasional too!

You made me come to reach: According to Google and my personal visit count... The magnificent sum of +1.000.000 visitors. I'll leave it at that cuz google don't count the visit very well and there are different sums from both sides *giggle*

Thank you again!

For those that know me already, know that I'm a singer... not sure if an accomplished one but I try in my opera's and chorus business *giggle* So if anyone wants me to try and twist a song, I'm here to try... I try to bring good results, so don't worry!

From the Fighting Temptations: Love me like a Rock 

I present you "Love me like a doll"

To better get the tone of this, imagine that, is sung by a low tone contralto, in a jazz mood. Now singing a soul song... how cool is that? *giggle* The second would be a normal one, responding like a second voice of chorus. It's supposed to be the male changing while singing, but you get the idea *giggle*


I know... I'm such a ditzy gal sometimes *giggle*


  1. Yes, 1 million is outstanding! I'll be there soon. Love the song adapation. :)

  2. Congrats on the 1 million sweetie!

    Someday I'll make it to 1 million, but you'll probably already be at 2 million!

  3. you go girl! cograts :) happy new year sweetie.


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