26 Dec 2011

Motivational Posters Alectra's Style

Hey there gals! Someone wants to get motivated? Then make sure to read this little gems that I brought you today *giggle*

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did creating them have a happy new year, more content will be waiting for you later this week... or today, tomorrow... one never knows what may happen in the next blink. So don't blink too much, you may miss some content... ouh there we go with a Dr Who reference. *giggle*


  1. Hey Alectra,

    They're hot, they're sexy.. :)

    Except for the quote marks around "sis", there's no hint that any of them target/reference the TG/TV/CD audience, though :)

    Very professional-looking!


    Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog

  2. Mmmmh, I think I've been through all these various stages at one point or another... great posters.

  3. Thank you both ^^


    Sis comes from sister, but I quoted it because I didn't want to make an actual reference to a family background *giggle*

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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