23 Dec 2011

How to be me? (Wufoo Question!)

Hi gals just don't mind this post if you are not for a reading, I'll make sure to put something nice for today, much later on ^-^

This question comes from Danny:

I've been a long time lurker in TG Captions, but I'm thinking of starting making my own.My female side is pretty much latex bad girl(a lot like you), so i'm wondering if you have any tips in making my girl happy(and in making captions)

Well to begin with the question, I want to state that, you cannot be me! I prefer to be the only and unique Alectra thank you *giggle*

No but aside from the joke, I'll tell you how to be a badass like me... If the world can withstand more of me, out there, that's it!

If I would be much more evil, then the world wouldn't be able to hold me for long!

Let's start from the basics:

- Lesson 1: Bad girls go everywhere, latexed bad girls get what they want, anytime, anywhere!

You know you want to be like that, so you are a bad girl now, but you lack the style. Go grab your shiniest clothes and be the top head of the ground!

- Lesson 2: Know your kinks

Seriously there is nothing wrong with being a catwoman, but get to know that you are there for your own fun. Not to be controlled by a bystander, let them know you are the one in charge. So they call you a slut for wearing shiny things? Let your whip speak for you and tell them who's the slut in here!. Wearing corsets and high boots will enhance your authority in the path to become a badass latex mistress like me.

- Lesson 3: Who will be the one doing the chores?

See her? She's been a bad girl, which will get a nice reward later. She will be waiting with her naked ass, waiting and waiting till the mistress decides if she is to get a reward or a punishment. Why? you say. A maid never asks that question! If possible she will be one in charge of an army of maids doing all the chores... the life of a mistress is hard, the life of their servants is a living hell!

- Lesson 4: Are you evil enough?

So what? just being evil, doesn't acknowledge to be evil. You are in for the fun of being a bad girl, you are in for the fun of being a spoiled mistress, you are in for your own pleasure, you are in to get lots of people at your whim and call. Besides looking like a demoness does help to that "chore".

But you are not to be extremely evil... like me I'm more accostumed to be an evil sweetheart! there is room for evil yes, but there is also room for being nice with those that seek you out!. Show them some love

- Lesson 5: Do you have fans?

If possible let them be blondie heads that will follow wathever you do because they are in for your wickedness and naughtiness... You'll be doing stuff around to please your fans... like caps *giggle*. The more hot and sexy they'll be with you, the better.

If they follow you enough, reward them with gifts!

- Lesson 6: Do you have an alter persona within you?

This was is not really needed but... I'll think I'll take from here thank you tee hee.

So wooooot, you'll be for the sex and the raunchier things, often filled with creamy and spicy situations, if you are for that, then join me around *giggle*. There is no need to be a latexed bitch, just show some cleavage and you'll be good to go with both girls and boys tee hee... specially make yourself friend of that blondie head... you'll get more fun that way!

- Lesson 7: Follow other's example

Really you won't get far, if you don't follow, what others can teach you or what you can get from them. Is like going back to school... only that in a more exciting manner *giggle*
Remember that you must dress properly in front of your teachers and always behave like a good student whenever asked a question.

I hope you had fun reading this as well as helping you with your question... I've been planning for quite some time the: caps advices matter and I think I'll wait for that one, to be more precise and exact inside my head. I don't want to make a butched work when explaining how to make a cap Alectra's Style!

For any other following this, make yourself granted of answering this the way you want! *giggle*

P.S: I've been thinking of revamping the blog... so maybe before the end of the year or by january. I'll start to change some stuff. Don't mind some possible updates on that matter till the new year ^-^


  1. Ooooh, I love listening to you list all your good points. To be you requires a person to be incredibly sexy and naughty at all times, not an easy thing to maintain yet you do it.

    I hope you're having a great Christmas, if you do change the layout of your blog it will be interesting to see how that goes!

    Love Evie XXX

  2. There is definitely a fine line between mischievous and evil. I like to walk both sides of that line, usually perched on some delightful stiletto heels!


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