25 Dec 2011

The Black Library

Hi gals I hope you are having a great Christmas day ^-^

Some days before, Evie in her blog mentioned something about having a black library of some sorts were she would have all her naughty content awaiting approval... well I devised a bit of a funny Idea with that premise.


There is only one catch... and is that, I left it opened. I think Evie would like to get it completed *giggle* but no, once I opened her black library I think she has to open mine! 

Nevertheless I think is a good one to open a discussion on how to make a backstory, I'm proud of being good at making them and I'm also guilty of doing them so large! *giggle*

In Steffi's blog (which is awesome and you should do go to visit it) I had a conversation with Rauk about that matter, and while I think he does great sensual and erotic scenes he told me that I excel at doing a backstory.

Well for me is not really that difficult to create them, normally I think of an story and then look for visuals to support that story... as you can see there is nothing that connects the women and the ship behind, but the imagery and the imagination put into the caption, makes it real!

What I want to do for next year is to get better at depicting the "funny part". We call it SEX *giggle* No but seriously I enjoy making an erotic story as much as others and in some way this one is a very erotic!


  1. Loveley, naughty concept and a lovely, naughty cappie to go with it :)

    Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

    Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog

  2. Great caption and Merry Christmas, Alectra!

  3. How naughty of you to break into my black Library and set me free. Now together we'll bring such slutty corruption and domination to the universe. Mmmmh, thanks for a super hot caption.


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