3 Jul 2011

Closer to reality far from the fiction

Hi Gals today i bring you another lovely cap from the Haven recently done for my lovely brit gal Evie...

I'm sure you will find sort of lost in there, so if you want to know a little keep reading...

Amber is her slutty persona, simple as that, well not that simple as all seems to be slutty and naughty, but there are some differences...

Amy is the one you want to cuddle and hug and kiss and share your hand with!

Eeve is the gal you would like to encounter once in a while to do naughty and pervs stuff!

Evie is the real one, being the most manipulative yet sort of helpless girl wanting attention all for herself, even if this means submitting to someone... well not just someone, in this case me!


Ouh and by the way you can keep following her in Argus' Backburner

 I will accept any suggestions to make new caps, only condition is that you cannot change the spirit of this blog, as long as is related to leather, dom, sub, a little of bondage, strapon play, transformation, latex, rubber, pvc, lingerie, gloves, bimbo, naked bodies, emo girls, high heels, maids, possessions, strippers endings, sci-fi, anime, cute and funny caps(not everything have to be about sex :3) and not extreme (scat, any weird sceneplay, smoking, humilliaton, forced rape, petting (strapon girl doing a boy), cum-shotta(bukkake) lets hold this place nice and clean ok :3 etc) no shemales either ^-^  i will make caps for anyone accepting this...
No more than two caps request from requester thanks.  : 3


  1. You are definitely a TG capping genius. I have to say that I absolutely adore this series and I really just can't get enough of it. Everything about it is so amazingly sexy.

    I'm not sure which of my personalities is in charge right now... I think they just all agree that this is too damn hawt! Thankyou a million times. Loved it!

  2. You are very welcome Evie, you are the genius I'm just buzzing out some ideas here and there ^-^
    Your capping abilities are something to look out for and something to be accounted for "giggle"
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Whatever Evie said, ditto for me :D

  4. Heh thank you Stephanie, now the only thing needed is you following me "giggle" and we shall see in the future something for you ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Like a mountain of work has to be done before that's actually happening eh, eh, eh

  5. Oh crapsicles. Up until now I thought I was following you. Initiating change now :P


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