15 Jul 2011

Evie's Awakening (The Dark Veil)

And here's a treat to a special friend of mine too, Evie had become a supporter from the start to my launch into the fiction world and so she deserved something nice happening to her, this one is for you babe!


  1. Well done Sweetie. Is Evie Argus? If so, she is awesome. I think you have really improved as a capper. Really see growth from earlier work. Keep growing and going Sister. *kiss*

  2. Yep Alexia you are right ^-^
    If this one caught your fancy you may be interested in reading the Dark Veil fiction :)
    Thanks for the nice words
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. I love this series... I'm so honoured that you would include me in the story! It's so hot and sexy and I'm totally ready to serve the dark Empress and betray my comrades.

    Thanks so much!


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