26 Jul 2011

Updating the blog (With a reward or it's a punishment what you are looking for?)

Nothing new today sorry gals I've some problems that have to be deal with in real life so for now...

I'm only introducing the Top Commentators feature, in order of being proud to be: 

I'm  the Gal ruling the top here "giggle" ^-^

And the recent comments list too in order that you too will be able to watch comments directly instead of looking or searching for them...Yes these means that you can go and spend your times looking at "oldies" caps from here and leave your opinion on them, I love to backtrack and look at the past works too ^-^

So this goes over here and that goes over there... There all set... Someone desires now a reward for being in the top?

Yep I'm looking at you both Jennifer and Evie free caps for you both later ^-^ You rock babes!

P.S: Maybe I'm fooling you and you will actually see something very soon "giggle"

I will accept any suggestions to make new caps, only condition is that you cannot change the spirit of this blog, as long as is related to leather, dom, sub, a little of bondage, strapon play, transformation, latex, rubber, pvc, lingerie, gloves, bimbo, naked bodies, emo girls, high heels, maids, fantasy, possessions, strippers endings, sci-fi, anime, cute and funny caps(not everything have to be about sex :3) and not extreme (scat, any weird sceneplay, smoking, humilliaton, forced rape, petting (strapon girl doing a boy), cum-shotta(bukkake) lets hold this place nice and clean ok :3 etc) no shemales either ^-^  i will make caps for anyone accepting this...

No more than two caps request from requester thanks.  : 3


  1. Hey great idea hun! I've added this feature to my blog too... well the recent posts bit anyway. Hmmm, I might go through your older stuff and have a little look... giggle! I wanna be top girl!

  2. Yep I thought so ^-^
    To have the top commentators you have to add in the new gadgets an Url/Java Script page then there: check this page to follow the process:


    Hopes to see yours soon ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. I refreshed the page and first thing I noticed was the new top comments feature, then I see your post about getting a reward for it. hah! I had no idea that I was in the top, I've just been leaving comments. *giggle*

  4. Jennifer I thought the comments stuff would attract attention ^-^

    Now what do you want for a rewa...punishment ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. I love seeing a list of top commentators myself. I think it is a great idea :)

    As for suggestions for new caps, I might have an idea or two that fits with the spirit of the blog :D

  6. Ouh Elly glad you came to my "humble" place "giggle". Have fun around and don't get stranded too much... you may never return back as you were when you first entered "giggle".

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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