13 Jul 2011

The Dark Veil (English Version)

Hi gals today I bring you good news I have decided to wrote fiction and see if that would be liked from my audience ^-^

As I consider the Sci-Fi genre the one with I'm able to express myself better, I thought it would be nice to give it a try and see if this would be liked.

If you have any suggestion to deal with any character, whether including more role to any character or see something of the included in the form of a cap say it. ^-^
Without more to say today here is the story...
Enjoy it.

P.S: I dunno how much time it will take me to write the first chapter but rest assured that if the story is well recieved I will keep writing, of course I won't stop doing my caps, but today I wanted to do something different ^-^

P.S2: Fixed some typos that kept appearing... Damn typos! ughhh >->
P.S3: Ok just went through the problems of who's talking to who and when!


Year 2536 A.C. (After Cataclysm) the Fifth Crusade explore the recently discovered worlds in subsector Azareus, At the Orders of Mayor Thomas Grevion aboard the Spaceship Dreadman in search of heresy to sanctify them in the name of his maximum deity called the Emperor Without Name and the Monarch Marcus Thain I.

Thomas Dressed with the battle uniform of honour composed of a mantle, combat boots and a complete dark brown leather suit in where stands pray the acronym EWN in both arms in memory of his deity and also having on his mantle embroidered rich motifs of his expertise because being a survivor of many battles without forgetting his trusted rifle called by his troop the “Desperado”, modified to the last detail for a perfect use of the owner; He awaits patiently the arrival of his next objective and he decides to take a capital decision. To land with a small group of marines selected in sector SJXK – 29.

His mission although is quite different from the first objective of the Crusade because Thomas has been met by one of the spies of the Holy Inquisition meanwhile he was doing a little incursion in Sector SJXK – 29 called the “Dark Mantle”, due to being this planet in the middle of a circle of several planets like a ring and it’s impossible for this planet to receive the light of the sun.

“It was Difficult to find you Mayor Thomas Gravion, the holy monarch requires your presence”, but, before he could end his phrase the hooded individual was interrupted by Thomas who appeared to be clearly mad by his sole presence.

“Can you see I’m in the middle of a Bloody war, brother of the Saint Inquisition!, I  cannot abandon this sector yet, there is lot to do in here and the beasts abounds everywhere in this damn planet, this is nothing but an erial, I dunno’ what we came for in the first place.”

“Hold your tongue Mayor Thomas”, said in a menacing tone the hooded individual; “I already know that the monarch cannot be traced by you from here, I don’t pretend to throw your “merits” in this subsector, that’s why I have been sent directly to the heart of battle myself, although times runs short and I cannot stand all day waiting to hear your bravado, so listen up”…

Once more Thomas was not for veiled threats…

“Speak at once!” Suddenly cry an increasingly nervous Thomas.

But both of them came interrupted by the heat of battle, thousands of cannons started their salvo, its seems the alarm had broken loose in the camp a monster quite enormous of scaly red skin with jaws as big as a tank and a penetrating gaze and eyes injected in blood as if they had invaded his territory. This monster had emerged from the depths and he had caught flat – flooted all the regiment, the sound of the cries from the first dead people by his claws mix with the sound of the most advanced pulsar rifles and the MG – 22 cannons relics from the past found in this planet shooting as fast as they can.   

Mayor Thomas barely escapes from the terrible stake trying to help the spy who was paralyzed with terror.

“Get out of my way you idiot”, said Thomas at the same time as he was taking the rifle to his hands called “Desperado”. (This rifle survivor of the pirate assault in Kerwuld has saved the life of Thomas in many occasions and his comrades in arms).

“Ah! I wish Mirauni and Jerkwun would be here; those lot are the real deal, not this utterly bunch of crap that the Holy Inquisition put to my command”.

Upon hearing this last comment the hooded seek refuge near a ledge close with a fence around trying to divert attention from the gaze of Thomas who seems to be occupied trying to end the beast life.

“Lady, this subject cannot stand to reason and I think he keeps a deep resentment to women. Apart from that we are being attacked right now by a fierce beast from this planet and I think Mayor Thomas is fighting ehhhh Bare handed? How is that possible? He must be carrying top level implants; I believe, I should exercise caution in front of him, I don’t know for how much time the Holoprojector camouflage around my body will last”…

At the other side of the Intercom a figure shrouded in darkness responds fast to the call of the hooded, guessing a smile on her face.

“It just Right what our Empress was looking for, don’t worry about it, “Blood Sister”, we need someone like him to command our destiny troops against it’s own people, I hope you’ll have the inoculator at hand, inject him the concoction right on his neck or make him drink it distil in a saline solution, then run as fast as you can from that place, don’t fail me”…
Connection ends abruptly and the battle rages, it seem the hooded was but a hooded woman with a camouflage tool to conceal her image and that her plans are far from what Thomas believes right now…

 Thomas however turns his head for a moment while a missile appears right where he was a second ago and he sight the hooded woman, who is still a mystery to him fiddling with what appears to be an Intercom

“I don’t need reinforcements, brother of the Saint Inquisition!” Barely growls Thomas while he tries to recover from the missile impact and the tremendous roar of the beast falling about a metre by his side.

“I wasn’t calling for reinforcements; I was trying to contact the “Twilight”, quickly invents her”.

“The Twilight? What could they possible be doing so far from their sector? There is something you are not telling me yet brother”, said Thomas in a more calm tone.

“That’s was I came for in the first place Mayor Thomas, the Holy Inquisition needs of your ability to explore a temple not far from our position, the Twilight has come to take an important object from there”…

“How it’s so I didn’t come conveniently informed from that?”  Quickly replies Thomas.

“You’ll see Mayor Thomas the connection in the subsector we are right now was broken because a Solar beam that’s crossing right now to subsector Arania, and for what the code says I was sent under the maximum grade cloak procedures in order to not be discover in order to meet your petition, I hope you will understand that Thomas”, keeps inventing the hooded woman.

“Hum I hope that’s true, according to my calculations the solar beam would not be forthcoming until next week, but I see that times flies in this damn planet having no possibility to know when is the day or night”, Thomas said doubtfully.

 “Now this object lies in the deepest part of the desert, signalling its position in the intercom”, kept saying her.

“Are you sure about that? My spaceship scanners didn’t indicate anything in that position”; Thomas doubted; “and waits… If a solar beam is crossing this subsector…” kept mumbling Thomas…
“How it’s possible that you could be using that tool?” Thomas further asked.

“Is nothing but a cut edge map Mayor Thomas, this don’t get affected by those events”, the lie keeps growing in the hands of a even more nervous hooded woman; “But anyway I believe we should go to that point and wait for contact by the Twilight”.

“This isn’t gonna be easy brother, this place is filled with even larger beast that the one we just killed”, Growls Thomas while laughing loudly at the same time:
“Let’s give them hell!”

In another far away place…

Meanwhile the Dark Lady travel the spooky corridors of the provisional place of resting to her army in a complex stolen to the Saint Inquisition that has served quite well till now to her plans while she accelerates her steps seeking to give the good news to her Empress while she became interrupted by one of her acolytes that is carrying a prisoner and she seems obfuscated on keeping the prisoner absent from what’s about to happen to him.

“Where are you going so fast Acolyte?” Addressing the uniformed in black leather and with high spiked heels Blood Sister.

“I’m taking this prisoner to the Chamber of Knowledge he has been required by Commander Evandeer as a trial subject for the next transformation in a being more servile and docile, according by her is necessary to differentiate the command chain, thus providing a new hierarchy like the humans do” rushes to explain the blood sister. 

“Hum I’m starting to think that Evandeer wants to fly high, but she was designated to the battlefield and me on the other hand to the labours of spreading the word of the Dark Empress, she must know well was she is doing, but I don’t like not being informed of a turn of events so bluntly in our plans”, looking coldly to the acolyte.
Feeling the fear running all over her body the acolyte nods her head down to the word of the Dark Lady.

“Of course mistress, I will keep you informed of every new possible change that could happen, I want to be a direct participant of your plans and orders, I would like it very much that my mistress would be so kind of sharing her powers with her loyal acolyte”, blushing for a moment trying her luck while lucking up to the dark lady.

“Ah I like that attitude, I will do well of remember that promise and say acolyte what’s your name?”, prevails to answer to the acolyte.


“I arm you Jthawen my loyal servant”, says the dark presence while I cold kiss to her seals the pact and she strip off her garments, the prisoner by her side cannot believe what’s happening. Her captor is momentarily engulfed by black halo of darkness and she changes her form to something more feminine than before but she still looks dangerous, Jthawen skin becomes cold Ebony, she grows more taller, her long hair comes back to its place making itself a cut much more fitting to his new position, her gold hair turns to platinum, her breasts begin to go back inside taking away that stupid look of easy girl, her lips acquire a purple colour, her iris turns from brown to green, her eyelashes becomes fuller, her eye mask becomes a permanent black, from her arms sprouts a figure that run to her back and turn back to her right breast and takes place in the form of a tattoo, but is one of the magic symbols from the Dark Empress, while she lies naked in the floor because of the transformation her Lady orders a group of acolytes to bring her the command clothes of the dark abbey.

“Rise up Jthawen “Dark Steel” you are no more a soldier but something more, you will serve and serve me to my plans and the ones from the Dark Empress”, replies in a triumphant voice the lady “and now take this prisoner and make him surrender to the power of our deity and Dark Steel maybe I will require of your presence later in my quarters”.

A new look of confidence run across Jthawen face and she fast comes to what she needed to be doing, to interrogate the prisoner, keeping the fantasy on her head to what she would need to do in the quarters of her lady.

Not forgetting what’s happening in sector SJXK – 29, Thomas and their team accompanied by the always a mystery figure of the hooded begins their walk across the vast deserts of said planet.

Hours later, after leaving a string of monsters and other indescribable beings with words for the human language, the hooded woman and Thomas reaches the designated point.

“So now we arrived and now what, brother should we enter the temple?”  Inquire Thomas to the hooded woman.
“Yes inside, should be the artefact resting on top of a mound of stone”, quickly invented the hooded woman.

Following the advice of the hooded, Thomas goes inside followed closely by her to the deepest part of the temple keeping a guard outside in the doors waiting for the answer of the Twilight.

The temple seems to be abandoned and with a black look and a thin mist that cross the small corridors of the place, this obliges Thomas to strip of his mantle and part of his combat team, but not getting of his rifle not a sole moment, minutes later the come to the designated place and of what could have believed the hooded, there was an object inside, at first glance it was a gauntlet made of black brocade steel feminine also.

“I hope this isn’t a joke but, have we sacrificed part of my troop to this?” Said Thomas getting his hands closer to the gauntlet, making contact with it Thomas falls to the grounds as if the gauntlet would weigh a ton, moment that takes the hooded to inoculate him the solution in his neck and whisper him some words to Thomas.

“I hope that serves you right fool, because when you wake up again the Dark Empress will ask of your presence in the Halls of black Adamantium and you’ll must serve her rightfully taking her troops to victory against your pathetic race”.

Thomas that’s seems to be fighting the effects of the heavy gauntlet but more lighter now, squeaks his teeth trying to fight the effects of the serum that has been inoculated to him too…

Slowly his stature commences to shorten, his body becomes smaller, his muscles turn more fibrous but less bulky, from his grey hair sprouts new golden tresses covering his face momentarily, his sturdy face becomes more smooth and delicate, his hands are moulded slowly into something more feminine, little by little the combat suit that he is wearing becomes to big to him and the gauntlet becomes lighter that makes him stand up again, not without noting the effects of two massive breasts sprouting from his chest, and his waist turning more thin and his butt more firm, his legs more thin and delicate and finally the rest of her body hair falls down without remedy, his big member disappears to the inside leaving a feminine vagina.

Faring such a transformation Thomas cannot do other thing but horrify him to what had just happened and throw his rifle as now its weighs more than before to his actual constitution, for the first time in his life Thomas is scared of what just happened, him becoming a woman and the vile traitor was not in sight, it seems the influence of the gauntlet has saved him to fall on the conjuration of the Dark Empress, somehow he has become in a perfect acolyte of her army but without falling in her influence…

Thomas decides to put the gauntlet on, as it seems to fit his hand perfectly and as naked man or rather naked woman and still horrified due to the transformation that has undergo his body, she takes a pair of regulatory spare boots from her backpack and an energy knife, she wear them and she ventures to explore the dark corridors of the temple in hopes of finding something to cover her fragile body or uncover the mysteries that are sealed in the gauntlet…

Meanwhile the traitor is far away from the temple and aboard her ship she prepares to abandon the planet while at the same time receives an urgent transmission from her Lady…

“You have done well Evandeer as I can see, hurry to abandon that place and go to the designated point for your extraction”…

Connection cuts abruptly and Evandeer prays to her Dark Goddess in order that her Lady don’t discover the existence of an unexpected factor in her scheme against the Human Empire.

To Be Continued…


  1. Oooh, I can't wait to see what happens to Thomas next. Personally I think I'd betray Earth and serve the Dark Lady... she seems more my style.

    A deliciously sexy debut, I only wish I was fluent in Spanish so I could read and comment on your other version! I love sci-fi so it's very hot to have some TG sci fi... great work!

  2. Don't worry about it Evie what you have read it's exactly the "same" as the spanish version ^-^

    And Heh this requires a calling for a role, uppsss sorry about that already "spoilering" you
    Thank you so much Evie
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Besides the normal problems with some of the translation, (better then I could do!) I think you did pretty well for your first story. ^_^

    I don't enjoy story's like this in my TG caps or my TG fiction, it just never drew me in and kept my attention. But, as a action/sci fi tale, it was very nice! I can really tell you have grand scheme worked out for it and it feels like we are getting a glimpse into a strange alien universe at war.

    I do enjoy caps and story's where the hero of one army is captured and changed into the other army's harlot though! That's always a nice theme to tackle! Nice job on your first story alectra. ^_^


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