28 Jul 2011

"Pooofff" Changes (For Terri)

Hi gals experimenting a bit more with what shall be soon my new style ^-^

I came with this somewhat pretty stuffed caption with a hint of darkness "giggle"... Cuz is indeed a nightmare being trapped in a pink stuffed room without knowing why are you there, no matter how bright pink is there ^-^


P.S: Introducing a new label MC (Mind Control)


  1. Delicious - i love the pics and the constantly shifting personas. Very cute.

  2. Thank you Betty it was a shot in the dark with this one but it seems it paid off ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Terri looks a lot happier now she has all of her cute plushies and hot pink room, what a babe!

    Great caption as always hun!


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