31 Jul 2011

Note of appreciation and a new perilous gal in town (For my friends)

Hi gals I don't normally post anything in Sundays and today is no exception but for telling you about a new gal in town ^-^

She is Victoria Hyde and you can find her in herehttp://codexofcorruption.tumblr.com/

Which by the way Victoria you need to click on my followers list and be one so I can add you in my friend list "giggle" ;)

She's the kinda girl that you know is dangerous but that you would love to get dangerously intertwined in your arms...

I know I would ^-^

And according to blogger track visitors I have officially 509.768 where I stopped counting that counting them with hi-stats count since a month ago makes a total count of +700.00 visits ^-^
Thank you people ^-^
And ouh 148 followers nice!

I have learnt a lot from my regulars commenters, the ocasional commenter, the first time commenter, the people with I get in contact through mail (to shy to comment in here ;) ) and the ocasional reviewer of my works...
I had made many friends and we are almost close to get to the year since I started this blog of mine, lots of friends, lot of followers but what's more important a lot fo growth both personally and artistically speaking... Of course thanks to you visitor who takes the time to at least take a look if not in a daily manner in a weekly one, but especially to my friend's supports. Thank you gals ^-^

And a pity you can't see me because I'm big time blushing in here "giggle"

My friends already know this and maybe you too if you keep following my blog, but, my real interest on making such  a thing on writing TG stories or the ocasional sex erotical story (not porn, well not looking for it :p ) is to be a better writer (nothing like something that get your juices flowing in more than one way  "giggle"). The unexpected came when I realized that this is not the only part but for me to be a better person and get in touch with another kind of community which shares my interests and often most of them are like me but in other occasions wants to take that fantasy into reality ^-^. That's making me realize that I'm not alone in my "wicked" fantasy.

With friends or people who I consider a friend and not in a particular order...

Like Silvia, Jennifer, Evie, Sedra, Kara, Alexia, Isobelle, Terri, Dee, Simone, Nadine, Caitlyn.

And of course some new ones like Stephanie, Candi Came, Sp, Emily Hyde and Victoria Hyde ^-^ 

All of them have supported me in one way or another, whether on helping making a better artist of me, spelling and grammar (english is sometimes a bitch "giggle"), personally too, a shoulder to cry on, my achievements, my problems, my thoughts, my past, my present and future. Whether on chatting daily or by messaging... whatever mean helps me really ^-^.

And you can be sure that even if my style keep changings due to my "perfectionist nature", my essence won't that the only thing I can assure you off ^-^

The reason I make caps is because I like to look into the Erotica nature and blend it around cratfully if possible into something better through a story or a fictional story.

I may not be the best while making stories or caps, but, I try to make them in a way that you can actually identify them from other (This in an Alectra cap ^-^)

I may not be especially verbose or make sense while expressing myself (I'm such an oddball "giggle")

But my intention is not to surpass other, if you think that way its okay with me, but I just do this for fun ^-^
And to tell you the truth Simone's blog have become in a great source of inspiration for me and my caps skills

So why latex? well because is shiny duh! "giggle". Not the real reason but close, I think I like latex because is like a second skin is like being naked but clothed at the same time and for me is the most Erotic object I can think of. Specially when it comes to stockings or gloves ^-^
Even if Latex is used as porn material, for me its not like that ^-^

I'm happy being a boy, but, Alectra lets me explore my wild side, she is stubborn, she is dominant, she is powerful, she is something really wicked and lovely at the same time, she is sometimes a hard bitch... She has grown to be a part of me an important one... She is my strenght, she is my inner force made into "reality". I know many of you wants that to be true and I'm okay with you gals out there ^-^
But as I said for me is just a game, a roleplay, a form of expressing myself without being shy (which I'm most of the time really, I have written many things that makes me blush right now "giggle")...

Ok enough is enough, many of you (hopefully not) are saying, I'm okay with that but where are my treats of today heh heh heh...

They will come don't suffer...Just one thing... Don't you ever stop your mistress when she is talking!... "sigh" Okay. ^-^

Enough of my ramblings Thank you gals ^-^

Ouh and since my community keeps growing in my country.

Gracias a tod@s por seguirme y apoyarme. Un beso

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

I just need to take a rest, but, I will come with renewed strenghts...


  1. Congratulations on achieving so much. It's been fun to be able to read so much of your stuff and hopefully the comments you get from people have helped to inspire you.

    I'm always doubly amazed at how fantastic your captions are, given that English is not your first language. I love reading your stuff and I'm so glad that we became friends as you've helped to inspire me lots.

    I shall definitely have to write you some more latex captions!

    Love, Evie XXX

  2. Thanks Evie ^-^

    Thats means a lot to me and it may be not my first language but my second so I can totally defend myself just as well as you handle the english ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. way to go hun, that is a great achevment, and i'm so glad we became freinds :) you have helped me so much at the haven, i will always remember that. you go girl. huggs Sedra.

  4. First off, congratulations, love! What you've accomplished is remarkable — not just the traffice to you blog (which: WOW), but also the community and circle of friends you've nurtured and grown.

    I'm very happy to be counted among that number. :-)

    Also: Thank you so very much for the shout-out you gave me up top! ♥ ♥ ♥!

    (BTW, I love me some Dita — I even saw her perform in Las Vegas, Nevada, last year — and that photo of her is still one of the hottest images ever!)


  5. Your caps are very solid and entertaining, and you seem like a wonderfully sweet seductive corrupting spirit.

  6. @ Sedra

    I'm always ready to help anyone at the best of my abilities ^-^

    @ Victoria

    I happen to be adorable that's all ^-^
    And woah I'm jealous you met Dita "giggle".
    I'm a pic hunter, so I thought that was a nice spot for a shout to your blog ^-^

    @ Betty

    Although I don't know you much, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and take the time to even comment! Thank you Doll ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  7. Congratulations sweetie! Way to go with the blog!

    I won't forget the way you welcomed me over at the Haven or keep up with what I do with my own work. Means a lot to me :)

    Keep up the good work, hun :)

  8. @ Kara

    Thanks doll I'm just a "do gooder" for helping people get started around ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  9. I've really appreciated your speech, so seductively sincere and plain... *wink*
    It will helps me to create some good caps for you very soon.
    Also thank you for having include me in your range of friendships...good sis forever *giggle*

    Do you know i'm in music too?
    Well not in a professial mode like you, but i play an instrument since i was 15 y.o...music is a real muse and something of powerful quite as our gals persona...teehee.
    I appreciate your new ideas, keep it up.

    Xoxoxo E.

  10. Congrats on the bump in visitors Alectra, and thank you for the shout out.

    I'm with you in thinking that a good circle of friends is a good thing to have. Creativity may happen in a vacuum but improvements in that creativity don't. I know I take a lot from my friends, and hopefully I give back just as much.

  11. @ Emily H

    Well I wouldn't call it proffesional more like semi ^-^ I don't get it paid for it, but, I do sing with a chorus and I have sung in the National Auditorium of Madrid ^-^

    Thank you Emily too for thinking being a friend of mine ^-^

    @ Caitlyn

    Creativity goes and stays whenever she wants ^-^
    But I do think that visiting your place and looking and commenting on how you do things is good for me too ^-^
    Thanks for being a friend

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  12. Thanks for considering me a friend. Hope your blog continues to be successful!

  13. @ Of nothing Sp ^-^

    Your stuff makes me come back and forth to revisit my own ideas or be creative ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  14. hmm.. I thought I commented on this post... Oh well.

    I'm happy to be included in that list of so many wonderful people. ^_^ And I'm glad I can count you among friend I can share with.

    it's great to hear how well your blog is doing. That's awesome!

  15. @ Jennifer

    You always think you did this and that, yet you didn't...>.>-<.< "giggle" beware you could forget you turned off the oven and you didn't next time heh heh heh. Nah just joking, thanks for being a great friend and a great pal too!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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