16 Jul 2011

The Haven Ezine

Hi gals today I bring you good news from the Haven, if you are interested keep reading...

If you want to get your hands on one, you only have to donate 10$ to Rachel's Haven, think not of only for making a good deed but for obtain like a ton of caps inside, stories, funny illustrations and more, but of course this will be only if you get one for you, plus Smitty from the Haven and that also happen to have a blog have offered himself to make a cap to the first 50 donations (if you happen to be a member, if not well i'm sure something can be worked out)
 What are you doing you are not getting ready to get yours today? ^-^

And here is an excerpt from Playin Petra one of the members from Rachel's Haven

Hot off the presses is the premiere issue of the Haven Quarterly. This is an exclusive electronic magazine created and designed by many of your favorite Haven contributors. You can have your own copy of this zine for a simple $10 donation to the Haven. Just click the PayPal link on the left side of every page or send a $10 bill to the HavenPO Box and you'll get information on how to download the PDF. Be sure to include your Haven username or an email address when you donate so that we know how to contact you about your download.

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